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Remo 6
Remo Remo 6" Clear Ambassador D... $25.99
Remo 6"  Clear Ambassador Drum Head (BA-0306-00) The most popular drum head in the world. The Remo clear Ambassador is a single ply 10-mil mylar. Great resonance and bright tone. Popular choice for recording as a batter and resonant side. We stock this head in most sizes.
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Dave's Drum Shop Dave's Drum Shop gift card from $25.00
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Evans E Rings Evans
Evans Evans E Rings $3.99
A Simple way to control overtones and dramatically change the tone of your drum set. The E-Ring is an easy-to use external overtone control ring which "floats" on the surface of a drum head. It removes overtones and flattens the drum head's sound and allows for easier tuning.
Moongel Damper Pads, Blue, 6 Pack (MG-4) damper Rtom
Rtom Moongel Damper Pads, Blue, ... $12.99
Moongel Damper Pads, Blue, 6 Pack (MG-4) Moongel! The original and indispensable re-usable drum damping gel. Used in the studio and stage by thousands of drummers around the world. Over 25 years ago Moongel was created to stop the ring and control the resonance that drummers have long time struggled with. The self adhesive gel sticks to the surface of drums, cymbals and most percussion instruments. The possibilities are endless! Includes 6 gel strips Packaged in a durable plastic carrying case Non-toxic Self-adhesive Reusable and washable
Remo Clear Pinstripe Drum Heads Remo
Remo Remo Clear Pinstripe from $36.00
The Remo clear Pinstripe is 2 ply 7-mil mylar. Quick decay, fat tone. Dampened high frequency response. Popular choice for Rock, Pop and R&B. We stock this head in most sizes.
The Rim Riser 30 Ply Maple drum kit Rim Riser The Rim Riser 30 Ply Maple drum kit Rim Riser
Rim Riser The Rim Riser 30 Ply Maple ... $69.99
The Rim Riser 30 Ply Maple (RRU1310MPL) An excellent product that enhances tone and volume of a side stick. Simple to install and made of 30 plies of rock maple. Made in USA.  
Hendrix Sleeved Washers 100 Pack - New drum kit hendrix Hendrix Sleeved Washers 100 Pack - New drum kit hendrix
hendrix Hendrix Sleeved Washers 100... $25.99
Sleeved Washers are the most effective, easiest, and economical way to significantly upgrade your drum to produce smoother and more accurate tuning. Eliminate all metal on metal contact. Enable lower tuning without any "rod rattle" Protect chrome on hoops and tension rods Fit all manufacturers' hoops, flanged or die-cast Reduce backing out of tension rods so drums stay in tune longer  
Promuco John Bonham Signature Sticks (19015JB) DRUM STICKS Promuco
Promuco Promuco John Bonham Signatu... $16.99
Promuco John Bonham Signature Sticks (19015JB) Now, you can own and play these legendary sticks. Throughout the 1970s John clung to his Promuco ‘Trees’ and together they created some of the most iconic and celebrated rhythms in rock history. Crafted from premium Hickory, they’re made to Bonzo’s original dimensions and weight and feature his original signature logo too.   Diameter: 1.5cm General: Premium Hickory Length: 41cm Tip: Wooden
Meinl Cymbal Bacon Sizzler Meinl
Meinl Meinl Cymbal Bacon Sizzler ... $15.99
Meinl Cymbal Bacon Sizzler (BACON) Add some sizzle to your cymbals without adding rivets to your precious pies.
Evans Dixson Bass Drum Lift (EBDL) Drum Accessories Dixson Dixson Bass Drum Lift - Blow Out drum kit Dixson
Dixson Evans Dixson Bass Drum Lift... $58.99
Evans Dixson Bass Drum Lift (EBDL) Looking for a way to lift your smaller diameter bass drums without clamps or modification. The Dixson bass drum lift is the perfect solution. rest the batter side shell on the sturdy nylon lift, extend your spurs to accommodate the extra height and clamp your pedal to the left and you are done.  Stable and non intrusive.
Big Fat Snare Drum Round Sound Drum Muffler Rings damper Big Fat Snare
Big Fat Snare Big Fat Snare Drum Round So... $4.35
Big Fat Snare Drum Round Sound Drum Muffler Rings  BFSD Round Sound cuts down the overtone and ring on Snares and Toms. 10mil with BFSD's patented thumb grip for easy removal.  BFSD is compatible with: Triple Flanged Hoops, Die Cast Hoops, Single Flanged, DW True Hoops, Die Cast Hoops, Stick Saver Hoops, Wood Hoops, S-Hoops, Vintage Hoops.

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