Gruv-X Cross Stick Percussion Accessory drum kit GruvX Gruv-X Cross Stick Percussion Accessory drum kit GruvX Satin Black
GruvX Gruv-X Cross Stick Percussi... $94.99
Gruv-X Cross Stick Percussion Accessory The X-Click is a hybrid formula of 24-plies of American rock maple and copper in a trapezoid shaped body, with a proprietary new design for mounting, called the “Mono Mount”. This revolutionary design gives expanded volume and boosted low-frequencies to the cross stick sound on any drum. This helps the cross stick tone with execution consistency and also gives it a better “nominal listening value” (or common volume) to the snare drum backbeat sound. This helps audio engineers by eliminating the need to ride the snare drum mic channel, live and in the studio. The Mono-Mount fits drums from a 10” 6 -lug, to a 15” 8-lug and everything in between. Note: Each Electrostatic model has a unique design not exactly as shown in the picture, and each one is signed by Russ Miller.

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