SABIAN 10" AA Compression Stax $319.99
10" AA Compression Stax Sabian's 4th and final Vault Drop for this year introduces the 10" AA Compression Stax. As with the Compression Hats, the top and bottom of this pairing feature hole patterns to enhance the sound. The bottom cymbal is thin, un-lathed and flat, with 6 one-inch holes. The top is slightly smaller than the bottom, has 6 rows of Aero holes and is medium thin. The smaller top creates a tight fit, and the holes project a quick attack, emulating an electronic “clap”. Overall, they are darker and lower-pitched than many of the stacking combinations popular today. A special process gives them their unique finish. As with all Vault Drops, the 10" AA Compression Stax are available while they last.
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Bosphorus 14 Bosphorus 14
Bosphorus Bosphorus 14" Master Vintag... $449.99
Bosphorus 14" Master Vintage Hi-Hats (BO-MV14-HH) The Master Vintage Series is the embodiment of Bosphorus' philosophy and represents their absolute finest work. A true hand forged instrument of uncompromising quality, beauty and aural nuance. These rare treasures offer up a dark, dry fundamental tone, precise articulation, and an organic earthy response. The wash rides are prominent but never overpowering, creating a low rumble of smoldering overtones that’s excited ever so slightly by each push accent or bell hit.
Bosphorus 14
Bosphorus Bosphorus 14" Traditional H... $369.99
Bosphorus 14" Traditional Hi-Hats, Dark (BO-T14-HHD) Classic Turkish cymbal making at its finest. Bosphorus' most diverse family of cymbals, Traditional Series offers classic Turkish cymbals in a vast array of sizes to match any musical situation.
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Bosphorus 15 Bosphorus 15
Bosphorus Bosphorus 15" Traditional C... $329.99
Bosphorus 15" Traditional Crisp Hi Hats Excellent used condition typical signs of use like fingerprints and stick marks. No cracks keyhole or other damage. 1072gr/1270gr
Sold out
Cymbal and Gong 14 Cymbal and Gong 14
Cymbal & Gong Cymbal and Gong 14" Mersey ... $599.99
Cymbal and Gong 14" Mersey Beat Hi Hats Never played customer order 732gr/671gr Made in Turkey Cymbal & Gong LLC produces hand-made cymbals with the highly desirable sound and visual qualities of prized antique instruments.   This is the result of consulting with drummer friends and cymbal experts, deep listening to the best vintage cymbals, and partnering with artistic visionaries in Istanbul to bring our dream instruments to life. Our cymbals are meant to inspire, and to be played in the pursuit of art, beauty, and transcendence.  
Sold out
Dream 14
Dream Dream 14" Contact Series Hi... $249.00
Dream 14" Contact Series HiHats (C-HH14)  The deep wide lathing gives the stick a lively feel - higher pitched but still rich and warm. These are medium to medium-thin cymbals that come alive very easily. Speaking faster and louder, these plates also have depth and complexity in the undertones and a shimmering wash.
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Dream 14
Dream Dream 14" Dark Matter HiHat... $369.00
Dream 14" Dark Matter HiHats (DMHH14) • Dry • Articulate hats • Records like a dream • Micro lathed by hand before refiring • Bottom hat and bell are unlathed before refiring • Medium taper, gradual bridge
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Dream 15
Dream Dream 15" Contact Series Hi... $279.00
Dream 15" Contact Series HiHats (C-HH15) • Beef up the band • Warm wash • Articulate • Standard lathing • Medium taper • Large, articulate bell
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Dream Bliss 14 Dream Bliss 14
Dream Dream Bliss 14" Hi Hats $219.99
Dream Bliss 14" Hi Hats Used in excellent shape. Stick marks and fingerprints typical of use. No cracks, keyhole or other damage. 
Sold out
Dream Bliss Hi Hats 14 Dream Bliss Hi Hats 14
Dream Dream Bliss Hi Hats 14" $199.99
Dream Bliss Hi Hats 14" Used cymbal in excellent used condition. Typical fingerprints and stick marks nice aged patina. No cracks, keyhole or other damage.
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Dream Bliss Hihats drum kit Dream Dream Bliss Hihats drum kit Dream
Dream Dream Bliss Hihats from $229.00
Dream Bliss Hihats Dream Bliss Series cymbals are a dark and raw hand hammered cymbal that have proven to be one of the best new cymbal options available. These are traditionally hand hammered cymbals made of cast bronze. A great choice for any discriminating drummer at an unbelievable price.
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Dream Dark Energy 15 Dream Dark Energy 15
Dream Dream Dark Energy 15" Hi Hats $249.99
Dream Dark Energy 15" Hi Hats Used condition. Shows some signs of use but otherwise excellent shape

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