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Paiste 22 Paiste 22
Paiste Paiste 22" Signature Dry He... $655.99
Paiste 22" Signature Dry Heavy Ride Danny Carey  (4005822) The Monad 22" Dry Heavy Ride was created in collaboration with the eclectic Danny Carey, uniquely known for his infusion of geometry, science and metaphysics into the art of drumming. The resulting playing style, which makes extensive use of polyrhythmic figures, odd meters and complex time signatures, is a characteristic feature of the sound of the Grammy Award winning cult band Tool. The newly developed model is based on the traditional Signature Dry Heavy Ride, which has been Danny's main Ride cymbal since the 1990's. In this reincarnation, the model is coated in translucent purple, using Paiste's proprietary ColorSound process, and features a lathed bell, using the unique Reflector finish.The Monad 22" Dry Heavy Ride is a decidedly heavy cymbal capable of strong and cutting ride playing at elevated volume levels. It features a pronounced, articulate ping over a controlled, dark, deep and complex wash. The strong, full, yet very musical bell is well separated.As a tribute to Danny's inspiration, the label Monad and three metaphysical symbols, being Danny's personal choices in keeping with his esoteric interests, have been placed on the cymbal.
Paiste 16
Paiste Paiste 16" China 2002 Class... $299.99
Paiste 16" China 2002 Classic Series (1062616)
Paiste 10
Paiste Paiste 10" 2002 Splash (106... $188.99
Paiste 10" 2002 Splash (1062210) Sound Character: Warm, full, bright. Fairly narrow range, clean mix. Responsive, explosive, full sounding splash. The definitive, classic rock splash sound Weight: medium Volume: soft to medium Stick Sound: washy Intensity: lively Sustain: short Bell Character: integrated
Paiste Rude Series 24
Paiste Paiste Rude Series 24" Mega... $579.99
Paiste Rude Series 24" Mega Power Ride (1125624) Bright, full, warm, deep, somewhat dry, powerful. Wide range, clean mix. Heavy response, very balanced feel. Clear, cutting stick sound over big, full wash. Extremely loud, cutting ride with an enormous, big, loud and deep sounding bell. This special ride cymbal was created by Paiste's Sound Development team in collaboration with John Dolmayan, one of today's most influential Rock drummers.
Paiste 14
Paiste Paiste 14" Giant Beat Hi-Ha... $499.99
Paiste 14" Giant Beat Hi-Hats (1013714) Mellow, warm, yet brilliant with a hissing shimmer. Medium range and fairly clean mix. Warm, light and woody open sound, paired with a well defined, soft chick-sound. A very classic hi-hat for multi-purpose application in different musical genres.
Paiste 602 15
Paiste Paiste 602 15" Medium Hats ... $774.99
Paiste 602 15" Medium Hats (1043715) Size: 15"Weight: medium top, medium bottomVolume: medium low to medium loudStick Sound: soft, slightly washyIntensity: livelySustain: mediumChick Sound: full, crispSound Character: Rich, warm, full, silvery with a light touch. Wide range, fairly complex mix. Soft feel, easy to control. Lively, responsive and warm open sound. Full, precise chick sound. Versatile hi-hat for medium loud settings, perfectly suited for studio applications.  
Paiste 20 Paiste 20
Paiste Paiste 20" Giant Beat Crash... $419.99
Paiste 20" Giant Beat Crash (1018520) Classic Paiste Giant Beat cymbal 20". Finish varies between brown and green depending on production run.  These venerable cymbals – developed during the 1960’s rapid expansion of popular music – were faithfully recreated and re-launched by Paiste in 2005. Giant Beat cymbals offer the big, warm, brilliant vintage sound that takes you straight back to the roots of Rock. Deep, dark, rich, brilliant, warm. Wide range, fairly complex mix. Even, balanced, very responsive feel. Pearly, wooden ping over a wide, deep, full wash. Big, swelling crash sound. Strong, articulate embedded bell. An ultimate classic sound, developed in 1967 during one of popular music's most revolutionary eras.
Paiste 13 Paiste 13
Paiste Paiste 13" Signature Dark C... $399.99
Paiste 13" Signature Dark Crisp Hi Hats Excellent used condition with light signs of use. Fingerprints and stick marks typical of light use. No cracks, keyhole or other damage. 
Paiste 2002 14 Paiste 2002 14
Paiste Paiste 2002 14" Black Label... $499.99
Paiste 2002 14" Black Label Hi Hat Cymbals Excellent used condition. Ink very strong. Excellent condition with less wear than average for the age. Stick marks and fingerprints typical of a used cymbal.
Paiste 22
Paiste Paiste 22" Symphonic Gong, ... $899.99
Paiste 22" Symphonic Gong, Brilliant (SG15222) The Symphonic Brilliant Gongs are principally identical in construction to the Symphonic Gongs but are laboriously hand polished to achieve their distinctive mirror-like look. The sound of the brilliant models differs only marginal from the conventional Symphonic Gongs. They build up their overtone structure slightly faster. Gong comes with Paiste Logo
Paiste 24
Paiste Paiste 24" Symphonic Gong, ... $1,049.99
Paiste 24" Symphonic Gong, No Logo (SG15124) Symphonic Gongs have a slightly raised surface (without boss) with a harmonic and universal sound structure. The fundamental note of the gong is balanced with the instrument's complex overtones. The characterizing word Symphonic thereby should not be misinterpreted as describing the literal sense of classical symphonic orchestra application but its original sense to unite harmonic sounds. The describing word universal shall be understood as “sound in its entirety”. The sound of these gongs can be influenced and varied through the nature of the stroke, as well as the size, weight, and composition of the mallets. By varying the striking points, highs, lows, and various sound mixtures contained in the entirety of the gong’s sound sphere may be extracted and played up.
Paiste Deco Gong Set with Wall Hanger, 10
Paiste Paiste Deco Gong Set with W... $199.99
Paiste Deco Gong Set with Wall Hanger, 10" Deco Gongs are hammered by hand according to tradition and fascinate through their wonderful exotic sound. Essentially, the Deco is a miniature Symphonic Gong. True gongs with complex harmonics, make a unique and decorative addition to your personal or musical environment.  Also available in 7" and 13"
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