DW 3002 Double Pedal pedals DW
DW DW 3002 Double Pedal (DWCP3... $532.99
DW 3002 Double Pedal (DWCP3002) DW 3000 series pedals are made in the image of the iconic DW5000. Features include Dual Chain Turbo drive, bearing rocker assembly, DW101 dual surface beater and solid all metal construction. Priced in reach of any serious drummer looking to improve their pedal. DW is the worldwide leader in bass drum pedal technology, offering players drummer-friendly features, road-worthy reliability and unmistakable feel for over four decades. The DW 3000 Series double pedal is no exception. From its durable all-metal construction with sturdy steel base plate, to the dual-chain drive Accelerator sprocket, and industry-standard Two-Way Beater, the 3000 Series pedal is the smart, versatile choice for drummers of all skill levels and playing styles. In addition, the 3002 double pedal incorporates DW's patented Single Post Casting design. This allows you to place the auxiliary bass pedal closer to your hi-hat pedal, letting you move your foot more quickly and easily between them, or even play them simultaneously.  
DW 5002 Double Pedal Accelerator double pedal DW DW 5002 Double Pedal Accelerator double pedal DW
DW DW 5002 Double Pedal Accele... $839.99
DW 5002 Double Pedal Accelerator (DWCP5002AD4) We have been selling the Drum Workshop 5000 series pedals for as long as we can remember. The current model is the best ever with great upgraded features. AN INDUSTRY STANDARD GETS EVEN BETTER We’ve reengineered the pedal that established our reputation for innovation and quality. Because innovation is part of our DNA we thought it was time for some major improvements. Most notably, the toe clamp. The 5000 needed more gripping strength, providing a stronger connection between the drummer and kick drum. So, we developed the Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp. Three independent 360 degree, rotating rubber pads firmly pinch almost any diameter and thickness bass drum counter hoop from the top and the bottom, with zero slippage. Add to that a new textured rubber grip pad on the base plate and we think you’ll agree that there’s never been a better system for attaching a pedal to a bass drum. Last, but certainly not least, we wanted to improve on the smoothness and feel of the 5000, if that was even possible. To accomplish this, we added a Dual Bearing Spring Rocker, making the 5000 quicker and more responsive.    
DWSM018-3 - Rocker assembly with bearing rocker, key screw. drum kit DW
DW DW Rocker Assembly w/ Beari... $13.99
DW Rocker Assembly w/ Bearing (DWSM018-3) Rocker assembly with bearing rocker, key screw.
Low Boy Power Switch Wing Screw drum kit Low Boy Low Boy Power Switch Wing Screw drum kit Low Boy 1/4
Low Boy Low Boy Power Switch Wing S... $15.99
Swap your beater in seconds. No tools required. The Power Switch is one of those “why didn’t this already exist?” products. Why have you been fumbling around with a drum key for your entire drumming life when there was a simpler solution? Because no one thought of a better way. Until now. The Power Switch quick release bass drum beater thumbscrew replaces the stock set screw on your bass drum pedal. The large handle gives you the torque you need to keep your beater tightly secured, while the spring loaded design allows you to reposition the handle while the screw stays in place. Why do drummers need the Power Switch? Swap your beater quickly between songs. Faster setup and breakdown at gigs. Recover from the dreaded “beater slip” while playing. Can’t find your drum key? No problem. This M8 threaded screw fits Tama and Gibraltar pedals. We also offer a 1/4″ threaded screw for Drum Workshop and Axis pedals. 
Tama Power Glide Iron Cobra HP900PWN hardware Tama Tama Power Glide Iron Cobra HP900PWN hardware Tama
Tama Tama Power Glide Iron Cobra... $769.99
Tama Power Glide Iron Cobra (HP900PWN) The new Iron Cobra implements what Tama refers to as "Super Stabilization." This concept includes both a wider frame structure and wider under-plate, which bring two major benefits - greater optimization of the new Para-Clamp II Pro's hoop gripping power, and an overall stronger, more stable feeling pedal. These two factors help provide a solid base that facilitate improved technique and ultimately bring out the best in a player's performance.New Features:• Power-Strike Cobra Beater provides a fatter sound and optimized beater action without delaying impact.• Swivel Spring Tight enables the spring tension post to swivel, allowing freer spring movement and a much smoother feel.• Hinge Guard Block features new separate 3-piece hinge construction for greater durability.• Super Stabilizer Design with wider baseplate and frame design for increased stability• Para Clamp II Pro features rubber to firmly attach the pedal to the hoop and also prevents scratching.• Lite Sprocket adopts the "LiteSprocket" design from Tama's Speed Cobra pedals for a more natural feel and smoother action. 40% lighter than the previous Iron Cobra cam!Other Features:• Speedo-Ring• Quick-Hook• Cobra Coil• Oiles Bearing• Vari-Pitch Beater Holder• Hardshell Carrying Case
Tama Rolling Glide Double Pedal (HP600DTW) hardware Tama
Tama Tama Iron Cobra 600 Rolling... $447.99
Tama Iron Cobra 600 Rolling Glide Double Pedal (HP600DTW) The newest addition to the Iron Cobra series, the Iron Cobra 600's most unique feature is a reversible cam called the "Duo Glide Cam." A simple adjustment allows fast changes between a true round "Rolling Glide" sprocket and an offset "Power Glide" sprocket. Drummers can choose the appropriate cam based on playing style, musical environment, and personal preference. In addition, the Iron Cobra 600 features a newly designed hinge for precise footboard action, and ball bearing equipped "Speedo-Ring" rocker cam.
Tama Speedcobra Double HP310LW drum kit Tama
Tama Tama Speed Cobra 310 Double... $349.99
Tama Speed Cobra 310 Double Pedal (HP310LW) The Speed Cobra 310 series was developed using the same design principles as the Speed Cobra 910 series, and offers remarkable performance at an affordable price. The extended footboard, which features the same design as the Speed Cobra 910, offers rapid acceleration and power with less physical effort. The Recessed Setting provides the perfect balance between the natural characteristics and motion of a chain drive pedal, and the lighter overall action of the Speed Cobra 310 series.
DW DW 5002TDL3 DOUBLE TURBO PE... $809.99
DW 5002TDL3 DOUBLE TURBO PEDAL LEFTY W/ BAG Left footed version of 5002TD3.
PDP 700 Series Double Pedal double pedal PDP
PDP PDP 700 Series Double Pedal... $215.99
PDP 700 Series Double Pedal (PDDP712) Two decades of PDP design and innovation are packed into this lightweight, streamlined pedal. The retro-styled, single chain, concentric drive system is easy to play, while its dual-post primary pedal, steel baseplate, and telescoping linkage with universal joints are built to last. Classic Feel, Modern Engineering Boutique-Inspired Design Fast & Smooth Response Duel-Chain Drive Sleek, Minimalist Look
Roland Noise Eater Double Bass Drum Pedal RDH-102A double pedal Roland Roland Noise Eater Double Bass Drum Pedal RDH-102A double pedal Roland
Roland Roland Noise Eater Double B... $739.99
  Roland Noise Eater Double Bass Drum Pedal (RDH-102A) The RDH-102A helps V-Drum users reduce noise and vibration without sacrificing playability. This professional double bass drum pedal delivers premium performance and feel thanks to its dual chain drivetrain, soft hinges and self-aligning beats. And thanks to its integrated noise reduction accessories, inherited from the famous Roland Noise Eater, the RDH-102A reduces operating noise and minimizes the transfer of vibrations A quality double bass drum pedal Integrated noise reduction elements, inherited from Roland Noise Eater Double chain transmission A flexible movement hinge Self-aligning bats Compatible with Roland bass drum pads playable with dual pedals
Pearl Double Chain Drive PowerShifter Bass Drum Pedal double pedal Pearl
Pearl Pearl Double Chain Drive Po... $319.00
  Pearl Double Chain Drive PowerShifter Bass Drum Pedal (P-922) Holding with the tradition of superior pedal technology Pearl provides, the P922 has solid features with unique Pearl function. Some of these new features include: a newer, smoother streamlined single chain drive, which offers a new level of speed for chain-driven pedals the P922 comes standard with Duo-Beater, Pearl's patented PowerShifter function Specifications:• Drive: Single Chain• CAM: Perfect Circle Cam w/ Removeable Eliminator-style Eccentic Cam• Footboard: Demon Style PowerShifter Function Longboard• Beater: Dual Surface Beater w/ Control Core• Beater Angle: Infinitely Adjustable Beater Angle• Spring Roller: FrictionLess Roller Item ID: P-922
Tama Speed Cobra 910 Twin Pedal Left-Footed (HP910LWLN) Tama
Tama Tama Speed Cobra 910 Twin P... $989.99
Tama Speed Cobra 910 Twin Pedal Left-Footed (HP910LWLN) Unprecedented Velocity. Serious Power. Minimum Work.Designed to fuel speedy footwork, TAMA's precision-engineered Speed Cobra pedal now enters a new era. The credo under which it was first forged: "Extreme Velocity. Serious Power," has been honed to add yet another playing characteristic to its already daunting personality - Unprecedented Velocity, delivered with minimum work. To keep left-side double pedals from walking, a special stabilizer is mounted to the outside frame. This augments the stability of the floor anchor bolts. The pedals come standard with a specially designed hard carrying case. Tama has changed the construction of the Bearing Hinge on the footplate from a one-piece assembly to two pieces, which holds the bearing more evenly, minimizing stress, and maximizing smoothness, while adding to the pedal's sense of power.

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