HeadHunters Bundles DRUM STICKS Headhunters
Headhunters HeadHunters Bundles $27.99
HeadHunters Bundles HeadHunters use the solid wood handle from their B Series stick. Bundles have 12 birch rods inserted into a metal band at the drumstick handle end. The movable ‘O’ ring on the dowels can be positioned to offer different sound and feel options.
HeadHunters Rap Slappers DRUM STICK Headhunters
Headhunters HeadHunters Rap Slappers $33.99
HeadHunters Rap Slappers 3 flaps designed to interplay for the rhythmic slapping sounds. Textured exterior produces vinyl, scratch rap sound Rap Slappers are comprised to 3 flexible flat flaps. The out flaps are more flexible and lighter in weight. The outer flaps are textured. The inner is slightly stiffer and more stable. The inner flap is fitted with holes to reduce weight and increase the volume of the ‘slap’. The outer more flexible flaps on either side of the stiffer centre flap can slap the centre flap to create an endless dynamic of rhythmic ideas off and on your percussion set up with the snap of wrist. A ‘vinyl scratch sound’ can be achieved by scratching the outer textured flaps on one Rap Slapper against the other. Laying them against a drum while executing the scratch motion will amplify the ‘scratch’ sound.
HeadHunters Bushwhackers DRUM STICKS Headhunters
Headhunters HeadHunters Bushwhackers $27.99
HeadHunters Bushwhackers Bamboo dowels inserted into the grip of their familiar 'stick with the groove' B series. The adjustable band allows a variety of percussive sound scapes.  Bushwhackers use the same format as the Bundles however 7 larger diameter sized bamboo dowels are substituted in place of the birch. These offer a slight different sound and feel and are a little more durable.
HeadHunters Flatheads mallet Headhunters
Headhunters HeadHunters Flatheads $24.99
HeadHunters Flatheads Multiple sound source mallet, featuring a nylon ball, large cavity, and smooth surfaces. Incorporate a light weight 55 mallet head onto a 2B maple stick.   The mallet head is then cut flat on opposing sides.   On one side is a cavity and on the other an embedded 5/8 inch nylon bead.   The cavity creates a unique clacking sound on cymbal surfaces and a very big punchy back beat on the snare.  The bead provides cymbal definition.  Whereas the opposite rounded side responds more like a standard Orb X model.    The Flatheads can create a variety of unique functional sounds and make a great addition to any drummers arsenal of drumming implements.

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