Rupert NEVE Designs 5211 Two Channel Mic Pre drum kit Rupert Neve Designs Rupert NEVE Designs 5211 Two Channel Mic Pre drum kit Rupert Neve Designs
Rupert Neve Designs Rupert NEVE Designs 5211 Tw... $1,999.99
Rupert NEVE Designs 5211 Two Channel Mic Pre Used in excellent shape with almost no signs of use. With two channels of the classic tone you know and love, 72dB of gain, sweepable high-pass filters for precise control, and the power of Mr. Rupert Neve’s dual-tap transformers with variable Silk saturation, the 5211 delivers a versatile, flattering, and uncompromising front end for any signal path. In short, it’s everything a mic preamp should be. MIC GAINA 12-way precision rotary switch controls gain from 0 to 66 dB in 6 dB steps. TRIMContinuously variable +/-6 dB level control. SILK / TEXTUREPushing the Silk button engages the Red Silk circuit, which reduces the negative feedback on the output transformer, adding harmonic content as the texture is increased. Red Silk accentuates the saturation in the mid and high frequencies, similar to that of the Red Silk mode on the Shelford Channel. By manipulating the Texture control, the amount of Silk can be changed from essentially absent, to roughly 10 times the amount of coloration / distortion found in Silk from the original Portico Series. With Silk / Texture engaged, the distortion characteristic and harmonic content of the unit are very reminiscent of many of Rupert’s vintage class-A designs. Level MeterAn eight-segment LED bar-graph meter displays output level (pre-Silk). from -30 dBu to +22 dBu. PolarityReverses the polarity of the input signal. High Pass FilterContinuously variable from 20Hz to 250 Hz, and engaged with the HPF button. Phantom PowerProvides 48V phantom power to microphones. -6dB OutputA secondary split off the output transformer with a lower headroom, designed to allow engineers to fully drive the output of the 5211 without clipping converters and other devices.
Heritage Audio MCM-8 500 Series Rack/Summing Mixer drum kit Heritage Audio Heritage Audio MCM-8 500 Series Rack/Summing Mixer drum kit Heritage Audio
Heritage Audio Heritage Audio MCM-8 500 Se... $1,699.99
Heritage Audio MCM-8 500 Series Rack/Summing Mixer Used in excellent shape with some minor rack wear, missing 3 mounting screws for modules.   Standing for Music Compact Mixer 8, the MCM-8 is an 8 slot 500 Series enclosure with 10 channel mixing capabilities and it´s the Top of the Line of the new Heritage Audio “ON SLOT” Technology  (OTS) 500 Series enclosures. “ON SLOT TECHNOLOGY” takes advantage of last generation power electronics to handle power supply on a “per slot” basis. Each slot has its own power supply linear regulation stages; therefore modules are isolated from the rest. They just share the metal enclosure. With literally hundreds of brands making 500 series modules, we at Heritage Audio think this is the professional way of handling this reliably, eliminating issues often associated with sharing power between different modules of different brands and natures. Each slot features test LEDs for checking correct power operation (red for +16v, green for -16v), located aside of the slot connector. Thanks to the use of OST, the power capability of the MCM-8 is 400mA per rail per slot maximum, with an overall of 1.4A (1.6A non continuous) per rail, whichever is reached first. Phantom power available is 140mA total. The RAF Blue Gray enclosure is made out of heavy gauge steel with an aluminum front panel. There are Pan and Fader controls per slot on dual concentric potentiometers. Pan pots are center detent for precise center positioning. Features include an ON switch to assign each channel to the Mix Bus. The Mix Bus follows a passive, voltage summing topology, similar to that found in the 80 Series consoles of the 70s. The gain loss is restored by the same Class A, 2n3055 driven, transformer based output stage used in the Heritage Audio 1073. An additional Stereo Input is provided on the back of the unit, allowing several MCM-8 units to be daisy chained, or signals not needing further 500 series processing to be mixed together. The central section has analog VU meters and a Stereo Master fader. Connections are made by means of both gold plated XLRs and DSUB25 Input and Outputs, with Standard Tascam protocol.
Meris OTTOBIT 500 Series Module drum kits Meris Meris OTTOBIT 500 Series Module drum kits Meris
Meris Meris OTTOBIT 500 Series Mo... $549.99
Meris OTTOBIT 500 Series Module Used excellent condition.  Sample Rate Decimation Bit Reduction Pitch Track Enabled Ring Modulator Tap Tempo controlled Triggered Envelopes & LFO Modifiers Selectable LFO and Ring Mod Waveshapes Blendable Ring Mod AM/FM Modulation Premium analog signal path and 24-bit AD/DA w/32 bit floating point DSP Designed and Built in Los Angeles, California U.S.A.
Elysia Skulpter Pre Amp 500 Series drum kit Elysia Elysia Skulpter Pre Amp 500 Series drum kit Elysia
Elysia Elysia Skulpter Pre Amp 500... $950.00
Elysia Skulpter Pre Amp 500 Series Excellent like new condition. Two available at time of listing priced individually.  A Complete Channel Whether clean or colored, the sonic bliss does not stop at your mic locker. The elysia skulpter 500 provides a balanced DI input with significant headroom, so just about any signal coming from guitars, basses, synths and effects will benefit greatly from the elysia skulpter 500’s pristine amplification and versatile processing qualities.
SSL VHD Pre 500 Series Module drum kit SSL SSL VHD Pre 500 Series Module drum kit SSL
SSL SSL VHD Pre 500 Series Module $799.99
SSL VHD Pre 500 Series Module Excellent like new condition.  Key Features: Uniquely versatile recording and processing Ultra clean SSL SuperAnalogue grade preamp Switchable VHD system adds controllable 2nd or 3rd harmonic distortion Switchable LF Filter (15Hz to 500Hz) Hi-Z switch for high impedance microphone use +48V Phantom Power with status LED PAD for use with line level source material Phase invert switch
Heritage Audio 73 EQ Jr 500 Series drum kit Heritage Audio Heritage Audio 73 EQ Jr 500 Series drum kit Heritage Audio
Heritage Audio Heritage Audio 73 EQ Jr 500... $1,299.99
Heritage Audio 73 EQ Jr 500 Series Excellent used condition with minor rack wear. Two available at time of listing price is for one unit.  The 73EQ JR is a fully featured Line Input module for the 500 Series. It not only shares the 3-band Equalizer with his big brother, the Heritage Audio 73 80 Series, but also shares the same transformer coupled line preamp  and Class A transformer balanced output stage. These facts make the 73EQ JR unique on its class, being able to capture a full transformer based, Class A sound without relying on external preamps. The Equalizer features the same Baxandall type High and Low shelf found in the HA73 80 Series, with the addition of a high frequency selector switch. 4 different frequencies are possible instead of the fixed 12Khz one. The mid band is the same exact dual inductor one, thick low and sweet high midrange boosts without becoming muddy or brittle. The line preamp has a range of +6 to -20dB, allowing heavy eq boosts without overloading A/D converters. Finally, special care has been taken with power handling, implementing internal +24v slow turn on regulation (about 20 seconds to reach full voltage). This makes your 73EQ JR independent of the rest of the slots and makes your lunchbox´s PSU happier.
SPL Stereo De-Esser Rack Mount drum kit SPL SPL Stereo De-Esser Rack Mount drum kit SPL
SPL SPL Stereo De-Esser Rack Mount $849.99
SPL Stereo De-Esser Rack Mount Excellent used condition minor rack wear.  Description The SPL 9629 De-Esser is a 2-channel sibilance-removal unit, and it is a highly specialized audio tool for removing undesired sibilant frequencies without compromising the timbre and natural character of a voice. To solve this difficult problem, SPL has developed a circuit that is designed to combine a high level of technical performance with ease of use to create natural sound characteristics in recordings and live performances. Traditional de-essers use compression techniques. In addition to the threshold parameter used to set the processing level, there is a frequency controller for setting the center frequency of the process (with bandwidths generally up to 4 kHz). Processing therefore compresses the entire selected range, not just the sibilant or S sounds. This results in the familiar and undesired side-effects such as lisping and a nasal-sounding vocal, which is sort of an audio-type slurring of the original signal. The SPL De-Esser does things differently and in a more discriminating fashion. It monitors the S-frequency spectrum and automatically detects the sibilant frequencies. The de-ess bandwidth is set so narrowly around the range of the sibilance that neighboring frequencies remain unaffected. Input processed via this frequency band is mixed back into the main signal phase-inverted so that only the S-sounds are cancelled where the S-reduction controller determines the amount of de-essing in the phase-cancelled mix. The SPL De-Esser is designed to give a more neutral, unobtrusive de-essing process. Even at high S-reduction values the de-essing has a minimal effect on the character and timbre of the voice or even an instrument. Additionally, the De-Esser system doesn't just look for sibilance in a wide 'general sibilance' region of the spectrum. Instead, the user simply sets a front-panel switch to Male or Female to adjust for the vocal characteristics of male or female voices. The 9629 is a 1 RU rackmountable unit, and it features two channels of de-ess processing. Each channel is outfitted with an S-REDUCTION potentiometer complimented with Auto Threshold, Male/Female and Active (on/bypass) switches, and an on/off power switch. Located on the rear of the 9629 are balanced XLR and jack plugs for the inputs and outputs and a GND lift and voltage-selector switch. 2 Channels of de-essing Dual voltages for US and overseas XLR and 1/4" TRS connectors Standard 1 RU 19" rackmountable
SPL Crescendo 8 Channel Pre Amp drum kit SPL SPL Crescendo 8 Channel Pre Amp drum kit SPL
SPL SPL Crescendo 8 Channel Pre... $6,799.99
SPL Crescendo 8 Channel Pre Amp High end bank of 8 pre amps excellent used condition in original box. Description Designed for audio engineers who want an absolutely clean, transparent, distortion-free tone when tracking microphone-based sound sources, the SPL Crescendo is an eight-channel preamplier. Exceedingly low distortion and noise are both made possible by the 120V rails, giving you up to 70 dB of gain without any signs of overdriving. Each channel can capture a frequency range of 20 Hz to 50 kHz with lots of dynamic range. Each channel sports a gain knob, a 48V phantom power switch, a pad switch, a polarity-inversion selector, and a switch for reducing the level displayed on the dedicated VU meter. The unit as a whole sports eight inputs and outputs. Connections are possible via XLR I/O on each channel, or through DB25 connectors, should you want to route this unit straight into a compatible patchbay or ADC.A transformerless design, Class-A operation in the output stage, and SUPRA op-amps facilitate not only a low-noise performance, but the ability to drive long cable runs on the output side without sonic degradation. A shielded power supply is built into the unit, which ensures noise-free operation from the power of this preamp.

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