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Earasers Earasers High Fidelity Ear ... $49.99
Earasers High Fidelity Earplugs Earasers are useful for many different applications, but we have narrowed down your search to the most popular ones to date:  Musicians, Dentists & Hygienists, Motorcyclists and for general Peace & Quiet.   If you have been seeking a useful and economical earplug, that still allows you to understand conversations while wearing them, and without that muffled and stuffed-up underwater feeling… look no further!   There's a reason you are "hear"!   Your current situation is just unbearable any longer.  Protect your ears and don't sacrifice on the sound. Earasers are the most unique earplug, with the most bombastic, unconditional guarantee ever.  If you aren't 100% convinced that these are the best sounding, best fitting, best feeling earplugs that don't sweat, tickle, or itch….we will give you your full purchase price back.   Yup….even after you stick them in your ceruminous caverns!   Hey, this is no joke.  You won't find this offer from any other earplug, for one reason only…..they just haven't figured out how to do that without losing their shirts!     There are so many uses for Earasers, we just can't list them all.   But rest assured, they are not for just one type of music, or just one type of noise.  Earasers are being worn by members of the Boston Symphony, the World Champion Blue Devils Drum Corps, the Boston Crusaders, and many music legends from around the country.  Take a look at the Testimonials and you will see a wide range of musical styles represented, and they all agree that Earasers stay true to the music, filter noise, keep the essence- all at a fraction of the cost of custom earplugs!   
Earpeace Earplugs protection EARPEACE Earpeace Earplugs protection EARPEACE
EARPEACE Earpeace Earplugs $31.99
High Fidelity Earplugs package in a pack of 3 plugs so when you loose one you still have a pair! EarPeace HD comes with three clear high fidelity earplugs, three sets of acoustic filters (SNR 17, 20 and 26) and an ultra premium aluminum carrying case with carabiner clip. EarPeace HD comes with two sets of filters: Skin tone filters are Medium Protection and lower the sound pressure by -11dB (30% more than original EarPeace). Red filters are High Protection and lower the sound pressure by -14dB (130% more than the original EarPeace). Remember that every 3dB increase is a doubling of sound pressure. The way that 'volume' increases is not linear. Even small increases are very tough on the delicate parts of your inner ear that pick up high frequencies and enable you to have a rich sound experience. A -3dB reduction may not feel like a big difference but it halves the amount of time you can safely listen to that level of sound. 
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Vic Firth Isolation Headphones MK2 drum kit Vic Firth
Vic Firth Vic Firth Isolation Headpho... $114.95
Vic Firth Isolation Headphones (SIH2) Vic Firth SIH2 Stereo Isolation Headphones drastically reduce the level of external sound reaching the musician's ears, offering valuable protection from potential damage. The SIH2 Stereo Isolation Vic Firth Headphones reduce overall noise levels by 25 decibels and feature high quality stereo headphones. Unlike non-isolation headsets, where musicians typically crank the volume to very high and potentially damaging sound levels in order to hear the music clearly, the Vic Firth headphones reduce ambient noise from the instruments. This allows the musician to play along with the recorded music or monitor other performers in a live situation at comfortable and safe sound levels. Prolonged exposure to excessive levels of noise can have traumatic and lasting effects, including hearing fatigue, tinnitus and permanent hearing loss. These specialty headphones drastically reduce levels of external sound reaching a musician's ears, offering valuable protection from potential damage. Speaker Type: 50.m/m Dynamic Speaker Mylarcon Magnet: NFB 15x1.5 Four-Hole Style (50u) Sound Pressure Level: 110.Db +/- 3dB (1mw at 1kHZ) Rated Input Power: 30.mw Max. Input Power: 100.mw Cord Length: 72" Impedance: 250-ohm +/- 15% Frequency Response: 20HZ - 20kHZ Plug: 3.5 stereo plug (1/4" and 1/8" plugs included) Comfort Features: Automatically self-aligning for perfect fit and protection. Broad foam cushions provide maximum comfort.

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