CP by LP 10
LP CP by LP 10" Tambourine w/H... $29.99
CP by LP 10" Tambourine w/Head, Single Row (CP379) CP Solid Wood Tambourines are perfect for the beginner. The jingles produce bright, lively tone. Headed models feature natural, calf skin heads while headless versions have a shaped grip and gently curved edges.  10" wood frame with 8 sets of jingles and a calf-skin head Shaped grip and curved edges for comfortable playing
Gon Bops Fiesta Shakers shaker Gon Bops large Gon Bops Fiesta Shakers shaker Gon Bops small
Gon Bops Gon Bops Fiesta Shakers $12.99
Gon Bops Fiesta Shakers All Shakers Have a Wooden Body Sharp, High-Pitched Tone Small or Large size
-10% sale
Latin Percussion Black Beauty 5 Latin Percussion Black Beauty 5
LP Latin Percussion Black Bea... $45.00 $49.99
Latin Percussion  Black Beauty 5" Cowbell Demon  LP204C-DM (price for 1) LP's Black Beauty cowbell is handmade using premium quality steel. The forged eyebolt clamp assembly with an oversized wing nut provides secure placement on 3/8" diameter mounting rods with only finger tightening. 5" High, mountable bell with custom "Demon" graphics High pitched, bright sound with a moderate overtone Slightly rounded playing surface makes it easy to get a good sound every time LP forged eye-bolt assembly provides a sure grip to any ³⁄8" diameter rod Premium quality steel made from specially developed tooling - Handmade in the USA
LP 10
LP LP 10" Plastic Tambourine H... $19.97
LP 10" Plastic Tambourine Head (CP375) Community drum heads are made from 10-mil mylar film, giving a warm, resonant sound while remaining strong for a long time.
-20% sale
LP 6
LP LP 6" Tamba-Ring, Black San... $24.99 $30.99
LP 6" Tamba-Ring, Black Sand with Galvanized Steel Jingles (LP3806BGA) LP Tambo-Rings allow you to add a subtle amount of jingle to your sonic palate. This 6 ring with galvanized steel jingles can simply lay over hi hats or cymbals for a cool sizzle effect that is dry and raw. Place it on snares or toms for added depth to your back beats. Also available in brass. 6" Steel ring with Black Sand finish Five pairs of galvanized steel jingles Dry and raw sound Use on hi hats, cymbals, snares or toms Add subtle tambourine jingle to your sonic palette
LP Crystal Rainmaker (LP456A) percussion LP
LP LP Crystal Rainmaker (LP456A) $60.99
LP Crystal Rainmaker (LP456A) 18" Tall High-strength, transparent plastic Steel fill
LP Cyclops Handheld Tambourine (LP150) tambourines LP
LP LP Cyclops Handheld Tambour... $55.99
LP Cyclops Handheld Tambourine (LP150) The LP Cyclops Tambourine is ergonomically designed for the ultimate in player comfort. Its unique, patented shape is designed to reduce stress on the hand and the wrist while the patented jingle pinning system ensures that the jingles stay in place.  Ergonomically designed for the ultimate in player comfort Patented design reduces stress on hand and wrist Nickel plated steel jingles for a loud, cutting tone Patented pinning system ensures jingles stay in place Ultra-Comfort textured handle
LP Discovery Series Bongos, 6.25 LP Discovery Series Bongos, 6.25
LP LP Discovery Series Bongos,... $135.99
LP Discovery Series Bongos, 6.25" - 7.25" Explore the world of hand percussion with LP Discovery Bongos. The exclusive HD Shell construction is extra durable and produces a bright, dynamic sound. The 6-1/4" and 7-1/4" drums are outfitted with natural rawhide heads, comfortable EZ Curve rims, 9/32" diameter tuning lugs, traditional Cuban-style bottoms and stylish black hardware. LP Discovery Bongos come in an assortment of vibrant colors, are fun and easy to play, simple to tune and an incredible value.    LPs exclusive HD shell construction with reinforced bearing edge  6-1/4" and 7-1/4" rawhide heads and EZ Curve rims   Black powder-coated hardware   9/32” Tension rods  Includes FREE carrying bag and tuning wrench
LP Fiber Maracas (LP389) maracas LP
LP LP Fiber Maracas (LP389) $55.99
LP Fiber Maracas (LP389) LP Fiber Maracas come in matched pairs and have a the steel-ball fill for a loud crisp sound. The round, plastic shell design is perfect for the “swirling” sound created when the maracas are turned upside down and lightly rotated in a circular motion.  Black plastic shells with wooden handles
LP Go Jo Bag (LP359) shaker LP
LP LP Go Jo Bag (LP359) $16.99
LP Go Jo Bag (LP359) Designed in collaboration with Stephen Perkins and Joey Klaparda, the LP Go-Jo Bag is the world’s only mutable shaker. A basic rhythmic pulse is created by simply opening and closing your hand around the bag. Put one in each hand and play them like maracas or shakers Smack them together for a unique percussive sound  Slide the bags like an Afuche or Cabasa or toss one or more in time  Bags can be attached to your hands while playing congas to enhance the rhythm  An adjustable strap makes the Gojo Bag a great tool for musical therapy
LP Maple Tambo-Stick with Steel Jingles (LP9001) Hand Percussion LP
LP LP Maple Tambo-Stick with S... $26.99
LP Maple Tambo-Stick with Steel Jingles (LP9001) Inspired and developed with Stanton Moore, the LP Tambo-Stick allows you to add another sonic dimension to your grooves. The 14 maple stick is well balanced and its two pairs of steel jingles provide just the right amount of color. The larger diameter front end enhances the balance and durability while the tapered back fits comfortably in your hand. 14" maple construction Tapered profile for enhanced balance, durability and comfort Two sets of steel jingles Natural satin finish
LP Matador Maracas, Black (M283) maracas LP
LP LP Matador Maracas, Black (... $34.99
LP Matador Maracas, Black (M283) Sold in matched pairs, these plastic shell maracas with wood handles have a full, bright sound. They are available in standard and mini sizes. Black plastic shells with wood handles Rounded shells give these maracas a bright sound

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