Dixon Cowbell Post w/ 9.5 mm Hoop Clamp (PRCBH268R) Percussion Accessories Dixon
Dixon Dixon Cowbell Post w/ 9.5 m... $15.99
Dixon Cowbell Post w/ 9.5 mm Hoop Clamp (PRCBH268R) The Dixon PRCBH268R-SP Cowbell Post with 9.5mm Hoop Clamp is designed for mounting clamps to both wooden and metal bass drum hoops to position any size cowbell or most small percussion effects within easy reach of sated drum set players.
Gibraltar 20
Gibraltar Gibraltar 20" Accessory Bar... $39.99
Gibraltar 20" Accessory Bar (GAB20) The Gibraltar GAB-20 5 Post Percussion Accessory Mounting Clamp allows you to mount up to 10 items on 9.5mm knurled posts Attaches to almost any stand Length: 20"
Gibraltar Beater Effects, 3 pack (SC-BBEFX) Percussion Gibraltar
Gibraltar Gibraltar Beater Effects, 3... $45.99
Gibraltar Beater Effects, 3 pack (SC-BBEFX) Gibraltar's Beat EFX Bass Pedal Enhancers attach directly to the shaft of your bass pedal beater, instantly adding an extra sound to every stroke. This pack includes three effects : an egg shaker, bright tambourine jingles, and distinctive  finger cymbals Adds Sounds to Each Bass Pedal Stroke Each Sound Individually Usable Egg Shaker Tambourine Jingles Finger Cymbals Drum Key Needed
Gon Bops Fiesta Shakers shaker Gon Bops large Gon Bops Fiesta Shakers shaker Gon Bops small
Gon Bops Gon Bops Fiesta Shakers $12.99
Gon Bops Fiesta Shakers All Shakers Have a Wooden Body Sharp, High-Pitched Tone Small or Large size
Green Tones Baby Bear Shaker - New Green Tones
Green Tones Green Tones Baby Bear Shake... $16.99
One piece shape is 5″ long and constructed of environmentally friendly Rubberwood. Easy to hold with smooth, curved edges, and provides a soothing shaking sound using recyclable pellets.ᅠ Great addition to story and playtime. The simple artwork on the face will appeal and engage.ᅠ A safe loop provides an easy hanging solution for strollers, car seats, or in the house. Provides rhythmic foundations that spur creativity and imagination.
Green Tones Endangered Animal Shakers - New Green Tones
Green Tones Green Tones Endangered Anim... $36.99
This special collection of endangered land, air, and sea animal shakers helps teach your child about environmental impact in a fun and engaging manner. Set includes ~4″ Long-Eared Owl, Amur Leopard, and Leatherback Turtle as well as an extra info sheet to help teach about each animal and conservation efforts. Shakers constructed of eco-friendly Rubberwood with a finish made of 100% water-based non-toxic clear coat finish.
Green Tones Papa Bear Glockenspiel - New Green Tones
Green Tones Green Tones Papa Bear Glock... $53.00
13″ Rubberwood bear design features a resonator chamber which enhances bar sustain. Five precision tuned bars in C pentatonic scale creates a pleasing soundscape no matter which notes are played. Each note precision tuned to provide an accurate musical experience. Special arm design prevents the removal of bars making it safer for toddlers. Includes wood mallet.
Gruv-X Cross Stick Percussion Accessory drum kit GruvX Gruv-X Cross Stick Percussion Accessory drum kit GruvX Satin Black
GruvX Gruv-X Cross Stick Percussi... from $77.99
Gruv-X Cross Stick Percussion Accessory The X-Click is a hybrid formula of 24-plies of American rock maple and copper in a trapezoid shaped body, with a proprietary new design for mounting, called the “Mono Mount”. This revolutionary design gives expanded volume and boosted low-frequencies to the cross stick sound on any drum. This helps the cross stick tone with execution consistency and also gives it a better “nominal listening value” (or common volume) to the snare drum backbeat sound. This helps audio engineers by eliminating the need to ride the snare drum mic channel, live and in the studio. The Mono-Mount fits drums from a 10” 6 -lug, to a 15” 8-lug and everything in between. Note: Each Electrostatic model has a unique design not exactly as shown in the picture, and each one is signed by Russ Miller.
Gruv-X X-Mag Sizzle (GRV-XMSIZ) Cymbals GruvX
GruvX Gruv-X X-Mag Sizzle (GRV-XM... $38.99
Gruv-X X-Mag Sizzle (GRV-XMSIZ) Replaces Felt on Any Cymbal to Add up to Three Effect Choices Strong Neodymium Magnet Holds Effects Off of the Playing Surface Includes Set of Jingles and Two Sizes of Beaded Chain
Latin Percussion Black Beauty 5 Latin Percussion Black Beauty 5
LP Latin Percussion Black Bea... $49.99
Latin Percussion  Black Beauty 5" Cowbell Demon  LP204C-DM (price for 1) LP's Black Beauty cowbell is handmade using premium quality steel. The forged eyebolt clamp assembly with an oversized wing nut provides secure placement on 3/8" diameter mounting rods with only finger tightening. 5" High, mountable bell with custom "Demon" graphics High pitched, bright sound with a moderate overtone Slightly rounded playing surface makes it easy to get a good sound every time LP forged eye-bolt assembly provides a sure grip to any ³⁄8" diameter rod Premium quality steel made from specially developed tooling - Handmade in the USA
LP 10
LP LP 10" Plastic Tambourine H... $19.97
LP 10" Plastic Tambourine Head (CP375) Community drum heads are made from 10-mil mylar film, giving a warm, resonant sound while remaining strong for a long time.
LP 10
lp LP 10" Wood Tambourine, Hea... $22.99
LP 10" Wood Tambourine, Headless, Single Row (CP389) Headless tambourine with a single row of jingles. Includes solid wood shell and bright curved grip edges. Perfect for a variety of applications. Shaped grip and gently curved edges are easy on young hands learning to play

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