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DTX6K-X 5-Piece Electronic Kit with XP80 3-Zone Snare Electronic Drums YAMAHA
YAMAHA DTX6K-X 5-Piece Electronic ... $1,299.00
DTX6K-X 5-Piece Electronic Kit with XP80 3-Zone Snare Real sounds that drive the drummerNo compromise has been made in recording the sound of the instruments themselves - key to any drum sound along with the ambience of the place where they are played. The DTX-PRO has been fine-tuned to follow the drummer's performance and allow for maximum expression.Intuitive functionality that stirs creativityKit Modifier condenses the sound creation know-how that Yamaha has accumulated over decades into three knobs: AMBIENCE, COMPRESSION, and EFFECT. A wide range of tonal possibilities are available, from the natural sound of acoustic drums through to live performance sounds carefully crafted by engineers.• The AMBIENCE knob controls the reverberation of the drum sound; for an acoustic drum kit, up to 50% of the memory features the real ambience components of the recording studio, while 51-100% is high-quality digital reverb.• The COMP and EFFECT knobs utilize the "1 knob" control technology featured in Yamaha PA products.• COMP controls the compression effect and brings them to the front, while EFFECT controls effects that have been optimized for preset kits.High-performance sound engine that recreates sound creationThe high-performance sound engine equipping the DTX-PRO leverages the technologies Yamaha has acquired over decades of making musical instruments of all kinds.With authentic acoustic and live drum sounds, the same high-end effects found in professional-grade synthesizers and audio equipment, and effect control functions that let you recreate the techniques of elite drummers with a single knob, the sound engine in the DTX-PRO even recreates the process of creating sound in recording studios and live performance scenarios.As a complement to this, Yamaha drum pads feature pad sensing technologies that respond with precise accuracy to the actions of the player, delivering the ultimate in expressive capability that is reflected in the sound.Features• Create your own unique sounds with AMBIENCE, COMP and EFFECT kit modifier knobs• TCS heads help to achieve a pleasing, natural feel and rebound that makes you want to keep playing• 3-Zone pads for the snare and ride cymbals that can be choked and muted• Ride cymbal equipped with hit point detection functionDTX6K-X ConfigurationSnare: XP80 (8-inch) TCS head 3-zone padTom 1, 2: TP70 (7-inch) Rubber head 1-zone padFloor Tom: TP70 (7-inch) Rubber head 1-zone padBass Drum: KP65 (5-inch) Rubber pad, double foot pedal compatibleHi-Hat: 10-inch pad and HH65 hi-hat controllerCrash Cymbal: 10-inch pad with "choke" abilityRide Cymbal: PCY135 (13-inch) 3-zone padRack System: DTX6K-X rack
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Paiste 18
Yamaha Paiste 18" 2002 Thin Crash ... $359.99
Paiste 18" 2002 Thin Crash (1061218) Sound Character: Medium bright, full, silvery, breathy. Wide range, slightly complex, dense mix. Soft, giving, very responsive feel. A sturdy thin crash with a rich, cutting character. Perfect for patterned playing and filling sound spaces in minimal instrumentation. Sizes: 18"Weight: thinVolume: soft to loudStick Sound: washyIntensity: livelySustain: mediumBell Character: integrated
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Yamaha Drum Throne DS550 throne Yamaha
Yamaha Yamaha Drum Throne DS550 $99.99
  DS-550 Light Weight, single-braced legs, height adjustment 16.9"-23.6"
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Yamaha 14 Yamaha 14
Yamaha Yamaha 14" x 8" Recording C... $499.99
Yamaha 14" x 8" Recording Custom Real Wood Snare Mint Condition snare never played or even tuned up. This is the biggest Recording Custom snare Yamaha makes. 14" x 8" Remo Drum Heads 10 Lugs Birch Shell
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Yamaha 18 x 16 Stage Custom Floor Tom, Raven Black (SBF1816RB) drum kit Yamaha
Yamaha Yamaha 18 x 16 Stage Custom... $224.99
Yamaha 18 x 16 Stage Custom Floor Tom, Raven Black (SBF1816RB) Birch Shell 18 x 16" Drum 6-Ply Thickness Steel Triple-Flange Hoop Resonant Sound YESS for Stability and Sustain
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Yamaha 1980's Recording Custom 10/12/14/16/20 Cherry drum kit Yamaha Yamaha 1980's Recording Custom 10/12/14/16/20 Cherry drum kit Yamaha
Yamaha Yamaha 1980's Recording Cus... $3,499.99
Yamaha 1980's Recording Custom 10/12/14/16/20 Cherry Classic Recording Custom set in traditional sizes. Very clean for the age with a few dings. Bas drum hoop on batter side shows the most rash. Great sizes in this classic Steve Gadd configuration.  20 x 16 10 x 8 12 x 8 14 x 12 16 x 14 Includes tom stand and tom mount with a mixture of old and new tom arms. Set comes equipped with good useable lightly worn heads. 
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Yamaha 1980's/90's Birch Snare (BS0096) drum kit yamaha Yamaha 1980's/90's Birch Snare (BS0096) drum kit yamaha
yamaha Yamaha 1980's/90's Birch Sn... $599.99
Yamaha 1980's/90's Birch Snare (BS0096) Made in Japan. Pre recording custom model snare 14 x 6.5 in black lacquer with black stained interior. 10 Lugs, Triple flanged hoops. Excellent condition for it's age but expect a few dings and light pitting and rust typical of a 30 + year old drum. Good used heads and Puresound wires This is a rare find.
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Yamaha 1990's Recording Custom in Quartz Grey drum kit Yamaha Yamaha 1990's Recording Custom in Quartz Grey drum kit Yamaha
Yamaha Yamaha 1990's Recording Cus... $2,999.00
Yamaha 1990's Recording Custom in Quartz Grey Straight out of the 90's this clean Recording Custom set in Quartz Grey is available for sale. Set was not used out of the house and was purchased new and handed down to a family member so basically 1 family owned kit. The heads are well played but 3 of the 5 are original, you'll want fresh heads on this set but other than a quick clean up this set is ready to go. Compact tom set up.  10 x 10 12 x 10 13 x 11 14 x 12 22 x 16 Includes tom mounting hardware single pedal, hi hat stand , snare stand and cymbal stand all Yamaha and original equipment. This is a 25 plus year old drum set so expect some finish wear and checking. Most notably the 10" tom has a finish only crack around the circumference of the drum but not very easy to see and typical on this type of hard lacquer finish.  
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Yamaha 26 Yamaha 26
Yamaha Yamaha 26" Maple Custom Abs... $999.99
Very rare 26" Yamaha Made in Japan. Maple Custom Absolute bass drum in white sparkle. This drum is used but still excellent condition. Typical small chips on bass drum hoops shell is good but expect a few minor dings and scratches typical of use.  This is a drum used by a touring professional ready for it's new home! 26" x 15"
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Yamaha 5-piece Stage Custom Kit w/ 780 hardware package, Honey Amber (SBX2F57 HA) Drum Kits Yamaha
Yamaha Yamaha 5-piece Stage Custom... $1,099.99
Yamaha 5-piece Stage Custom Kit w/ 780 hardware package, Honey Amber  (SBX2F57 HA) As with the introduction of Stage Custom in 1995 Yamaha once again sets the standards of value and sound. The new Stage Custom inherits 100% birch wood, with upgraded metal parts. Shell: The shell is a key factor in a drum's ability to "rumble," or resonate. Accordingly, the Stage Custom employs 100% birch - a classic in the realm of high-class drum kits. Moreover, with its six-ply structure the Stage Custom accurately conveys the vibrations produced at the impact surface, achieving performance that overwhelms anything in its class. Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System (YESS): The secret of the YESS system is twofold: First, it provides minimum contact of hardware with shell; second, it connects that hardware at the nodal point* of the drum - the point at which it will not interfere with shell vibration. Nylon bushings on rod clamps afford maximum stability. The YESS system permits toms to be placed close together, and does not interfere with quick head changes. On floor toms, our YESS system offers wide open sustain while keeping toms stable under the heaviest strokes. * Nodal point mounting is patented by the Noble & Cooley Drum Company. Ball Mount and Clamp: A tribute to Yamaha design technology, their original ball mount and clamp has gone through very few modifications over the years. A large, ultra-hard resin ball sits in an attractive chromed housing, held in place with a titanium ergonomic wing bolt. It is the ultimate drummer-friendly mount, offering non-slip positioning virtually anywhere the drummer can imagine. Additionally, it permits tuning of the bottom head by simply rotating the drum. Die-Cast Claw Hook: New Stage Custom adopts die-cast claw hooks with rubber insertion plates to reduce noises. BD leg with Stopper: Bass drum legs of Stage Custom have the stoppers to make setting easier.
Yamaha 7.5
Yamaha Yamaha 7.5" Electronic Drum... $219.99
Yamaha 7.5" Electronic Drum Kick Pad (KP90) This kick pad has a durable, rubber material on the bass drum head for excellent feel and quietness and adopts the Yamaha three-layer cushion structure, which produces an optimal feel depending on the strength of the hit. To faithfully reproduce the feeling from weak hits to strong hits, the softest material is used for the foreground, and a hard material is used for the back side. Its 7.5-inch diameter is also suitable for use with a double foot pedal with high stability and holding power due to its wide legs and large, anti-slip mechanism on the back and spur. Responds well to any type of pedal or playing style.
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Yamaha 8 mm Wing Nut (PYN8SA) small parts Yamaha
Yamaha Yamaha 8 mm Wing Nut (PYN8SA) $4.00
Yamaha 8 mm Wing Nut (PYN8SA) Genuine Yamaha part current stock replacement for cymbal tilters pure zinc for durability

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