Pearl Demon Drive XR Machined Double Pedal (P-3502D)

SKU: 31344

Pearl Demon Drive XR Machined Double Pedal (P-3502D)

SKU: 31344
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Pearl Demon Drive XR Machined Double Pedal (P-3502D)

The Pearl Demon XR double pedal delivers the same machined design and fluid action of the Demon XR single, but with the zero-latency action of the included Z-Link machined aluminum universal pedal linkage.

Each pedal performs with the same enhanced rebound action with its own interchangeable high-tension spring. for repeated strokes in the most extreme musical situations effortless. 

Delivering the ultimate in Speed, Rebound, and Accuracy, the Pearl Demon XR (for X-treme Response,) Bass Drum Pedal is a true triple-threat in bass drum pedal performance. 

The result of a two-year research and development project with drummer George Kollias, its streamlined machine shop design and fluid direct-drive action delivers a faster, smoother stroke.

Its enhanced rebound action comes from the exclusive interchangeable high-tension spring, which makes repeated strokes effortless in the most extreme musical situations. 

Primed for the high-tempo technicality, the Pearl Demon XR is perfect for any drumming style where precision and endurance are key.


Direct Drive

Longboard Machined Aluminum 

NiNjA Bearing

Extreme High-Tension Spring (Normal Spring included)

X-treme Impact Beater (B-350XR)


Case Included

Pivoting Hoop Clamp

Wing-Bolt (Key-Bolt included)



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