Dream 16
Dream Dream 16" Bliss Crash Cymba... $209.00
Dream 16" Bliss Crash Cymbal (BCR16) • Full bodied • Complex • Dark wash • Quick decay
Dream 17
Dream Dream 17" Vintage Bliss Ser... $229.00
Dream 17" Vintage Bliss Series Crash/Ride (VBCRRI17) • Vintage sound • Punchy • Articulate • Micro lathed by hand • Low profile, gentle bridge • Broad shouldered bell with smooth transition
Dream 18
Dream Dream 18" Bliss Crash / Rid... $249.00
Dream 18" Bliss Crash / Ride (BCRRI18) The Dream Bliss Series 18 Inch Crash / Ride cymbal is tagged crash/ride because of its versatility. There is just a hint of raw ocean or chili pepper in the tone. They are exceptionally resilient and slightly soft on the stick. The undertones are warm and rich, an edge of dragon's breath, but never overpower the stick sound. The separation between stick and overtones is clear and the pitch range is low and dark.   • Fully functional crash and ride• Tides of darkness• Micro lathed by hand• Low, gentle bridge• Small bell
Dream 22
Dream Dream 22" Bliss Series Gori... $524.00
Dream 22" Bliss Series Gorilla Ride (BGORI22) • Huge bell • Unique hammering • Cuts through any mix • Micro lathed by hand • Low, gentle bridge • Small bell
Dream 24
Dream Dream 24" Bliss Series Smal... $499.00
Dream 24" Bliss Series Small Bell Flat Ride (BSBF24) • A gem of a cymbal • Unique sound world with a functional small bell • Micro lathed by hand • Flat profile • Small bell
Dream Cymbals 20
Dream Dream Cymbals 20" Dark Matt... $399.00
Dream Cymbals 20" Dark Matter Energy Ride (DMERI20) The extreme stresses from this action create changes to the cymbals on a molecular level, taking months of aging to mature and evolve. These cymbals continue to grow as they are broken in and played upon, becoming part of your own unique musical voice. Featuring the unique charred finish of the Dark Matter Series, the Dark Matter Energy Crashes explode beautifully and then disappear into the mist. The rides sizzle with a powerful combination of dry gritty undertone and total clarity of definition.
Dream Energy 15
Dream Dream Energy 15" HiHats (EH... $279.00
Dream Energy 15" HiHats (EHH15)  • Embrace the wash • Perfect slosh • Micro lathed by hand • Bottom hat and bell are unlathed • Medium taper, gradual bridge • Powerful bell
Dunnett Classic Dreamtime Snare Drum, Jarrah 7 x 14 (714DT) drum kit Dunnett Dunnett Classic Dreamtime Snare Drum, Jarrah 7 x 14 (714DT) drum kit Dunnett
Dunnett Dunnett Classic Dreamtime S... $1,789.99
Dunnett Classic Dreamtime Snare Drum, Jarrah 7 x 14 (714DT)




At DREAM Cymbals and Gongs Inc.we keep it simple. Our goal is to make the best sounding hand-made cymbals and gongs in the world, price them fairly and let the instruments speak for themselves. Better yet, let the instruments speak for you.

Owning a Dream cymbal is a relationship of discovery and innovation, creativity and loyalty. These are the instruments that allow you to explore what YOUR DREAMS sound like. Every one of our cymbals and gongs are hand-forged with ancient traditions of mixing fire and hammering bronze with craftsmanship to create a unique work of art, as individual and unique as your playing.

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