-7% sale
RB Percussion General Timpani Mallet Set, Soft (RB-TMPG) mallet RB
RB RB Percussion General Timpa... $14.99 $15.99
RB Percussion General Timpani Mallet Set, Soft (RB-TMPG) Great mallet for drum set use or the student on a budget. Maple handle with a medium soft mallet.
Tama Compact PowerPad Designer Stick Bags (TSB12BK) stick holder tama
tama Tama Compact PowerPad Desig... $27.99
Tama Compact PowerPad Designer Stick Bags  The POWERPAD® Designer Stick Bags are designed to give drummers color options for their stick bag, much like we choose clothes and shoes. There are 4 eye-catching color choices available. The bag can store 6 pairs of sticks and mallets, and comes with inner pockets for various drum accessories.
Pearl Starter Cymbal Pack 14
pearl Pearl Starter Cymbal Pack 1... $219.99
Pearl Starter Cymbal Pack 14", 16", 20" Heavy gauge brass starter cymbal pack that won't break the bank! 16" Crash 20" Ride 14" Hi Hats  
-2% sale
DW Smart Practice Kit (DWCPPADTS5) drum kit DW
Not specified DW Smart Practice Kit (DWC... $295.00 $299.00
DW Smart Practice Kit  (DWCPPADTS5) The 5-piece portable Go Anywhere™ Complete Practice Set allows you to sharpen your independence, groove, and coordination without bothering others. Notable features include heavy duty construction, natural feel and rebound, and easy setup. Complete 5 pad set with stand - includes: (2) 8" pads for tom and cymbal (2) 10" pads for snare and floor tom (1) bass drum pad
Pearl Roadshow Junior Complete Set - NEW! Pearl Black
Pearl Pearl Roadshow Junior Compl... $499.99
Pearl Roadshow Junior Complete Set, Jet Black (RSJ465CC31) It's always difficult to find a quality starter set for a younger enthusiast. Many smaller kits are toy-like and do not last and often have non replaceable drum heads and parts. Pearl have solved this with the Pearl Roadshow Junior based on the popular full size Roadshow kit that is an excellent starter set that we sell. Following in the footsteps of Pearl’s Roadshow series for beginning drummers, this is not merely a toy made to look like a drum set. The Roadshow Jr. is an all-in-one five piece kit featuring hardware, cymbals, and sturdy White Poplar shell construction for an exceptional, tunable, powerful playing experience. The package includes bass drum pedal, snare, cymbal, and hi-hat stands, and a 13” crash and 10” hi-hat metal cymbal set. Second-rate gear only makes the drumming journey harder.  Here are some things to look for when buying your first drum kit; see for yourself how Roadshow Jr. stacks up. 16”x 10” bass drum 13”x 8” floor tom 10”x 5.5" tom 8”x 5” toms 12”x 4” snare drum Hardware Cymbal, hi-hat, and snare drum stands should start with a strong and well-balanced tripod base. ROADSHOW JR’s included hardware package is scaled to the reachable -and portable- needs of the smaller player without sacrificing quality. All stands are height and angle adjustable, and the included bass drum pedal features a smooth chain drive for fast, accurate play. Specs Snare Drum The Snare Drum is the voice of the drum set, and ROADSHOW JR. features a powerful 12”x4” model with similar specifications to Pearl’s popular Short Fuse auxiliary snare for professional players. Bass Drum The bass drum is the tonal heartbeat of the drum set and the foundation for the rest of the complete drum set-up. The ROADSHOW JR bass drum includes locking, adjustable feet (or ‘spurs’), and secure mounting for toms and accessories. Cymbals ROADSHOW JR’s included cymbal set features a 13” crash and a set of 10” hi-hat cymbals. Great for accents and timekeeping until an upgraded cymbal set-up is acquired.

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