Tama Power Glide Iron Cobra (HP900PWN)

SKU: 16854

Tama Power Glide Iron Cobra (HP900PWN)

SKU: 16854
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Tama Power Glide Iron Cobra (HP900PWN)

The new Iron Cobra implements what Tama refers to as "Super Stabilization." This concept includes both a wider frame structure and wider under-plate, which bring two major benefits - greater optimization of the new Para-Clamp II Pro's hoop gripping power, and an overall stronger, more stable feeling pedal. These two factors help provide a solid base that facilitate improved technique and ultimately bring out the best in a player's performance.

New Features:

• Power-Strike Cobra Beater provides a fatter sound and optimized beater action without delaying impact.
• Swivel Spring Tight enables the spring tension post to swivel, allowing freer spring movement and a much smoother feel.
• Hinge Guard Block features new separate 3-piece hinge construction for greater durability.
• Super Stabilizer Design with wider baseplate and frame design for increased stability
• Para Clamp II Pro features rubber to firmly attach the pedal to the hoop and also prevents scratching.
• Lite Sprocket adopts the "LiteSprocket" design from Tama's Speed Cobra pedals for a more natural feel and smoother action. 40% lighter than the previous Iron Cobra cam!

Other Features:

• Speedo-Ring
• Quick-Hook
• Cobra Coil
• Oiles Bearing
• Vari-Pitch Beater Holder
• Hardshell Carrying Case

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