Brass Pro-Lock for Die Cast Hoo 25918 007PLB

SKU: 25918

Brass Pro-Lock for Die Cast Hoo 25918 007PLB

SKU: 25918
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Snareweight Pro-Lock (007-PLB)

For use with die-cast hoops

The Pro-Lock is used to secure the Snareweight #3,4,5 or JR Snareweight to die-cast hoops. Pro-lock incorporates an arched magnet to attract to the magnet of the Snareweight #4 through the die-cast hoop. It has a slot that Snareweight drops into, then creates a floating lock to secure damper.

Snareweight #5 with a Pro Lock is as good as it gets for dampening and road worthy durability! Thanks to the dual magnet/lock system, the Pro Lock will maintain perfect contact and balance with the head, even through the heaviest drumming.

Thanks to meticulous engineering and many hours of testing, Snareweight has incorporated side isolation sorbothane dampers for less jitter when used on toms.

• Designed for securing the Snareweight Brass #5 to die-cast hoops
• Durable brass construction
• Careful design and testing ensures your Brass #5 always stays attached while playing
• Can also be turned on its side for attaching to S-hoops (with a standard insert)

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