Meinl Sonic Energy Tuning Fork, Sun 126.22 Hz (TF-S)


Meinl Sonic Energy Tuning Fork, Sun 126.22 Hz (TF-S)


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Meinl Sonic Energy Tuning Fork, Sun 126.22 Hz (TF-S)

Sonic Energy's planet-tuned tuning forks are manufactured in Germany according to Hans Cousto's calculation (The Cosmic Octave). Each tuning fork is tuned exactly to the frequency of the respective celestial body in order to achieve a therapeutic effect. 
Tone: 126.22 Hz / B2 (H2) - A4 / a' 440 Hz + 38,1 cent
Color: yellow green
Therapeutic effect: 
"The life-giving original principle"
• stands for the magic and transcendental
• for people whose soul is filled with serenity and whose mind is filled with clarity
• leads to letting go without melancholy
•Size: 8.3" / 21 cm
•NET Weight: 86 g / 3.03 oz
•Frequency: 126.22 Hz
•Features: Handcrafted masterpiece
•Features: Made in Germany
•Features: high quality nickel plated steel
•Features: Ergonomic shaped cork handle
•Features: Engraved logo and tuning info
•Associated zodiac: Leo
•Mallet recommendation: SB-PM-SR-S > Activation by gently striking the middle to the front end of the tuning fork.

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