Kelly Shu Bass Drum Mic Mount System

SKU: 3944


Kelly Shu Bass Drum Mic Mount System

SKU: 3944

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Kelly Shu

Kelly Shu Bass Drum Mic Mount System

The composite series Kelly SHU™ mounts are incredibly strong and durable, made using high-density reinforced compounds, injection molded under a tremendous amount of pressure. The Kelly SHU Composite™ accepts any standard kick drum microphone that has a threaded base or mic clip.

All the installation components that ship with the Composite series mounts are the same as is included with our Kelly SHU Pro™ Systems. The System requires NO DRILLING for installation!

The Kelly SHU Composite™ series also gives you your choice of our exclusive internal and external installation options, both within the same product. Complete instructions for both options are included with each Kelly SHU™ shockmount.

The Kelly SHU Composite System includes ... 

  • The Kelly SHU Composite SHU Mounting Unit . 
  • 10 Installation Adjustment Holes w/ Grommets.
  • 16 Support Cord Hooks. 
  • 2.75 ft of Solid Rubber Support Cord. 
  • 8 Interior Installation Loops. 
  • Universal Microphone Post w/ Standard Threads.
  • Oversized Jam Nut.
  • Complete Installation Instructions.



The Kelly SHU Pro™ series shock-mount holder for drum microphones is our top-of-the-line model for drum microphone isolation and support. Save stage space and reduce stage clutter while providing superior isolation for any conventional drum microphone which is designed to fit on a mic stand. No Drilling is Required for installation of The Kelly SHU Pro™ microphone mounting system.

Kelly SHU Pro™ series drum microphone holder and isolation system is designed for use with larger-format kick drum microphone such as Shure BETA 52A, AT 2500, EV RE20, etc. The Kelly SHU Pro™ series system is compatible with most all kick drums and larger tom drums sized 14 inches and larger in diameter.

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