DW 5000 Series Cajon Pedal (DWCP5000CJ)

SKU: 26380

DW 5000 Series Cajon Pedal (DWCP5000CJ)

SKU: 26380

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DW 5000 Series Cajon Pedal (DWCP5000CJ)

Designed to work with almost every model of Cajon available on the market, the 5000CJ is a drum pedal which uses remote-cable technology and DW Drum’s Pivot Drive System. These two technologies, combined with the Delta ball-bearing hinge, allow you to play the Cajon as you would a kick drum, using your foot to hammer downbeats and accent notes; it accomplishes this with low latency, giving you much in the way of playability. The pedal features a sturdy, aluminum base plate, as well as a Cajon platform with a tension-adjustable remote beater. This platform is mountable with almost any Cajon. The beater itself is the 117 Soft-Touch model, also known as the Gel-Soft Beater Ball, which provides a muted, yet open sound, and a responsive feel.

Pivot Drive System
The Pivot Drive System combines with DW's remote-cable technology to give you an authentic kick-drum feel with low latency.

Delta Ball-Bearing Hinge
DW's patented Delta Ball-Bearing Hinge utilizes an aluminum design that incorporates ball bearings at both sides.

Cajon Platform
The platform houses the tension-adjustable remote beater hub.

Soft-Touch Beater
The 117 Soft-Touch Beater elicits a muted, open sound, using a pliable foam core wrapped in a cloth-like exterior, which gives you dynamic control over the Cajon.

Non-Skid Rubber Grip
This feature is designed to keep your pedal planted on the floor and is conveniently adjustable.

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