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Korg Metronome Tuner w/ Compact Mic, Black (TM60CBK) Metronomes korg
korg Korg Metronome Tuner w/ Com... $59.99
Korg Metronome Tuner w/ Compact Mic, Black (TM60CBK) The Korg TM-60CBK is comprehensive metronome and tuner with corded contact microphone, perfect for your daily instrument practice. The battery life of the new TM-60 has also been dramatically improved. With the all-new TM-60, you’ll be able to enjoy pitch training and rhythm training without having to switch functions or be concerned with battery life. Tuning and rhythm training are indispensable for brass band or orchestral practice. In addition to letting you use the tuner and metronome simultaneously, the TM-60 features a display that’s approximately 1.3 times larger than the previous model (the TM-50), allowing easy viewing even when the unit is placed on your music stand, and also allowing the tuner and metronome functions to both be viewed simultaneously. No longer will you have to switch between functions; you’ll be able to use practicing techniques that are idiomatic to orchestral instruments, such as keeping a consistent pitch over the course of a long note while varying the tone to add vibrato in time with the tempo, or checking the pitch of chords while using the metronome. The enlarged display is backlit. You can adjust the brightness in two levels, soft or auto, ensuring stress-free tuning even when you’re on a dimly lit stage or in an orchestra pit. The circuitry has been redesigned to achieve a battery life of 130 hours, approximately double that of the previous TM-50 model (tuner in use, backlight off). There’s no need to worry about the remaining battery life even during extended practices or performances. Equipped with high-precision tuner function and metronome function. The two functions can be used simultaneously. The display is approximately 1.3 times the size of the previous model (TM-50), allowing the tuner and metronome to be shown simultaneously. Backlit LCD ensures excellent visibility even in dark locations. LCD needle-type meter detects the pitch instantly, providing the excellent response that you expect from KORG. A wide detection range of C1–C8 supports a broad range of instruments. Calibration is adjustable to match various concert pitches. Marks are provided to indicate pure major and minor third intervals. Sound Out mode and Sound Back mode are great ways to train your ear. Metronome features a wide tempo range from 30 to 252 beats/minute. Choose from three types of tempo settings and 15 rhythm variations. Long-life design with approximately double the battery life. (Compared to the KORG TM-50, in tuner mode with backlight off) Convenient memory backup function and auto power-off function. Further improvements in ease of use, including a newly designed stand and battery compartment cover. Available in black or white, two simple and timeless colors. Includes the CM-200 contact mic for even higher tuning precision.
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Korg Wave Drum Original Version drum kit korg Korg Wave Drum Original Version drum kit korg
korg Korg Wave Drum Original Ver... $399.00
Korg Wave Drum Original Version Used drum with non original head (uses standard 10" drum heads) Includes power supply. Has been tested and functions as it should. This has been used and shows wear on edges of drum plus on the head. Fun and expressive electronic drum instrument. Missing a knob for the volume controller but fairly easy to find (we just don't have any in the shop)Very hard to find item. 
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Korg Wavedrum Global Edition - New drum kit korg
korg Korg Wavedrum Global Editio... $999.99
Description The new Wavedrum Global Edition represents the next—and most powerful—evolution in the Wavedrum family. It boasts the largest palette of cutting-edge sounds of any Wavedrum to date; with sought-after percussion sounds from around the world, a major boost in the quality of each sound, and dramatic improvements in usability. In 2009, Korg unveiled Wavedrum WD-X, a revival of the original Wavedrum that debuted in 1994. The reimagined ‘09 Wavedrum had a stunning impact as a performance tool that brought new expressive power to musicians–from users of the original Wavedrum to forward-looking percussionists. Subsequent models included Wavedrum Oriental with its added Arabic sounds, Wavedrum Mini with its unique sensor clip, as well as limited edition color models, and the instrument's unbounded potential has continued to accelerate the spread of Wavedrum mania throughout the world. 2nd Generation Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer that provides unparalleled musical expression A sound engine that combines DSP-powered algorithms with PCM sounds to allow versatile and highly flexible performances A pressure sensor and multiple pickups capture the subtle nuances of your strikes on the head and rim, generating expressive power and new sounds Increased pickup precision provides improved dynamic range for low and high pitches, as well as enhanced response for soft sounds, making the instrument more sensitive Play different sounds from the head and rim, or apply pressure effects on the head to create performance techniques that are possible only on the Wavedrum 200 preset programs cover a vast range of sounds from classic percussion to unique and novel sounds. 200 user programs are available for storing customized sounds and settings A new input sensitivity parameter has been added, supporting a wide range of users from beginners to pros Fundamental sounds such as acoustic instruments have been enhanced Live Mode stores up to 12 settings (4 favorite programs x 3 Banks) for instant recal Compact and light-weight design; use as an individual instrument, or mixed in with a traditional drum kit or any performance/percussion rig 140 loop phrases of various genres allow Wavedrum users to jam along or practice to them AUX input allows monitoring or mixing of any audio source–CD, MP3, even a second Wavedrum

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