Paiste Gong Mallet M10 DRUM STICK Paiste
Paiste Paiste Gong Mallet M10 $49.99
  Paiste Gong Mallet M10  Specially designed for 13-inch accent gongs Yarn-wrapped construction Won’t damage or detune your gong Works well with singing bowls Cord suspends mallet securely from your stand Model GM49110 M10
Paiste 8
Paiste Paiste 8" 2002 Cup Chime (1... $124.99
Paiste 8" 2002 Cup Chime (1069101) Weight: MediumVolume: SoftCharacterSound color: BrightFrequency range: WideFrequency mix: CleanFunctionStick Sound: PingyResponse Intensity: LivelySustain: LongBell character: IntegratedFeel: Medium Sound Character: Bright, warm, full, brilliant. Wide range, clean mix. Soft, extremely responsive. Explosive, shattering, glassy attack with modulating warm, full, long fade. Features an exotic, very dominant center tone with lively, flanging over- and undertones. Available individually or as sets on hardware mountable 5 and 7 arm holders. Well suited for upside down mounting over a ride bell.
Paiste Gong Mallet (GM49006) mallet Paiste
Not specified Paiste Gong Mallet (GM49006) $149.99
Paiste Gong Mallet (GM49006) The Paiste M6 Gong Mallet for 32"-36" Gongs was made to Paiste's standards for top quality and durability. Aluminum handle, vinyl grip & thong, specially weighted inner core, covered felt and fur.
Paiste 10
Paiste Paiste 10" Splash, Rude Cla... $189.99
Paiste 10" Splash, Rude Classic Series (1122210) Sizes: 10"Weight: heavyVolume: medium to loudStick Sound: fairly washyIntensity: livelySustain: medium shortBell Character: integrated Sound Character: Bright, full, high pitched, energetic. Wide range, complex mix. Strong feel, explosive, strong splash with quick response. A pair of these would make an excellent mini hi-hat.
Paiste 14
Paiste Paiste 14" Rude Shred Bell ... $249.99
Paiste 14" Rude Shred Bell (1125314) Size: 14" Weight: Extra Heavy Volume: Medium Low To Very Loud Stick Sound: Pingy, Glassy Intensity: Lively Sustain: Long Bell Character: Separated Sound Character: Shrill, metallic, very powerful, raw. Narrow range, fairly complex mix. Heavy feel. Aggressive, cutting attack with a throaty, slightly vibrating crash sound. Metallic, clear ping with a long wavering decay. A versatile effect cymbal and great alternative choice for unusual applications in various music styles.  
Paiste 18 Paiste 18
Paiste Paiste 18" 2002 Power Crash $259.99
Paiste 18" 2002 Power Crash   Nice used condition. Figerprints and stick marks typical of use. No cracks, keyhole or other damage. 
Paiste 17 Paiste 17
Paiste Paiste 17" 2002 Power Crash... $275.00
Paiste 17" 2002 Power Crash - Used Excellent used condition. No cracks keyhole or other damage. Expect light handling marks like finger prints and stick marks. 
Paiste 2002 15 Paiste 2002 15
Paiste Paiste 2002 15" Wild Hi Hats $279.00
Paiste 2002 15" Wild Hi Hats Very nice used condition. Some stick marks and fingerprints. No cracks, keyhole or other damage. 
Paiste 19 Paiste 19
Paiste Paiste 19" 2002 Wild Crash $279.99
Paiste 19" 2002 Wild Crash Nice used condition with stick marks and fingerprints. No cracks keyhole or major issues. Edge is slightly rough but not serious.
Paiste 16
Paiste Paiste 16" China 2002 Class... $299.99
Paiste 16" China 2002 Classic Series (1062616)
Paiste 1981 Black Label 14 Paiste 1981 Black Label 14
Paiste Paiste 1981 Black Label 14"... $299.99
Paiste 1981 Black Label 14" 2002 "Rock" Hi Hats This is vintage pair of Paiste 1981 Black Label 14" 2002 "Rock" Hi Hats is in excellent condition. Typical wear from 40 years of light usage. Logos very clear still. Very slight bend at mounting hole on the bottom cymbal. 
Paiste Signature 14 Paiste Signature 14
Paiste Paiste Signature 14" Heavy ... $350.00
Paiste Signature 14" Heavy Hi Hats - Used Very nice used condition with typical stick marks and fingerprints from use. Bottom cymbal is still very clean. No cracks, keyhole or other damage. 

The Paiste 

The principle of our family business is to continually create new sound with cymbals, gongs, and bronze percussion instruments according to the creative needs of drummers and percussionists.

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