Pearl HWP830 Series Hardware Pack (HWP-830) hardware Pearl
Pearl Pearl HWP830 Series Hardwar... $524.99
  Pearl HWP830 Series Hardware Pack (HWP-830) For sturdy performance in a lightweight package, Pearl's 830 Series Hardware Pack comes complete with double-braced cymbal, cymbal boom, snare, and hi-hat stands.  Its included P930 bass drum pedal packs high speed and smooth action into a compact, longboard frame.  With gearless tilters and smooth, multi-joint features, this is an excellent hardware package for the student or advancing player. Model Number HWP830   INCLUDES H830 Hi-Hat Stand S830 Snare Stand P930 Bass Drum Pedal BC830 Boom Cymbal Stand C830 Cymbal Stand TILTERS Uni-Lock Tilters:  The Uni-Lock Tilters delivers smooth, gearless positioning. PIPE JOINTS Die-Cast Pipe Joints: Insulated pipe joints for rock-solid height and silent stability. LEGS Double-Braced Legs: Double-braced support tripods provide a solid mounting base.  No-Slip Feet: Rubber feet provide a solid foundation for your stand and prevent unwanted movement.
Sonor HiHat Clutch clutch Sonor
Sonor Sonor HiHat Clutch $14.99
Standard Sonor hihat clutch. Fits smaller hit pull rods like Sonor/Yamaha/Tama.
Tama Hi-Hat Upper Pull Rod w/ Plastic Nut (HH9053) hihat stands Tama
Tama Tama Hi-Hat Upper Pull Rod ... $16.99
Tama Hi-Hat Upper Pull Rod w/ Plastic Nut (HH9053) Description: Long 500mm (19 11/16")
Tama Iron Cobra Remote Hi Hat Tama
Tama Tama Iron Cobra Remote Hi H... $839.99
Tama Iron Cobra Remote Hi Hat Stand (HH905RH) As music has progressed, drummers have often gone from being just timekeepers to contributing more broadly to musical expression. This has led drummers to explore more flexible and creative setups enabling greater artistic freedom on the drum kit. One particular limited component of the drum set has been the traditional hi-hat stand. In response, Tama are proud to release a new Remote Hi-Hat which eliminates the physical limitations of the standard hi-hat stand and allows for ultra-flexible hi-hat positioning, for any setup. Tama's goal with this new Remote Hi-Hat was to create the smoothest action and precision possible, to go toe-to-toe with high-end traditional hi-hat stands. Accomplishing this is difficult for a number of reasons, including that for most drum setups, the cable needs to bend. After much research and development, we were able to achieve our ambitions by partnering with JAGWIRE™, a company that develops brake cables for the world’s best mountain bikes. The new Remote Hi-Hat offers virtually unlimited setup flexibility for hi-hat positioning, with hardly any sacrifice in feel or response. Tama  hopes this freedom in positioning will allow drummers to continue exploring new sonic ground and further push the boundaries of music.  
Yamaha Crosstown Lightweight Hardware Pack (HW3) drum kit Yamaha Yamaha Lightweight Hardware Pack drum kit Yamaha
YAMAHA Yamaha Crosstown Lightweigh... $549.99
Yamaha Crosstown Lightweight Hardware Pack (HW3) Full packs available with 2 cymbal stands, snare stand, hihat stand and bag $549. Advanced Lightweight Hardware set is the result of R&D with artists and designers examining the absolute lightest a hardware stand can be while maintaining the durability and strength drummers have come to expect from Yamaha Hardware. Listening closely to professional and users, Yamaha has made the ultimate contribution in the category of lightweight hardware for the gigging drummer that has to move their gear every day. Durable, light and stable Channel-track aluminum bracing Non-slip rubber feet New micro wing nut design Increased natural and open sound from cymbals and snare drums Set configuration : CS3 X2, HHS3 and SS3 with Carry case (Individual protective sleeves included) video  
Yamaha HW680 Hardware Pack drum kit Yamaha
Yamaha Yamaha HW680 Hardware Pack ... $439.99
Yamaha HW680 Hardware Pack (HW680W) Cymbal Stands CS655A x 2 Hi-Hat Stands HS650A Foot Pedals FP6110A Snare Stands SS650A

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