Pearl Roadshow Junior Complete Set - NEW! Pearl Black
Pearl Pearl Roadshow Junior Compl... $499.99
Pearl Roadshow Junior Complete Set, Jet Black (RSJ465CC31) It's always difficult to find a quality starter set for a younger enthusiast. Many smaller kits are toy-like and do not last and often have non replaceable drum heads and parts. Pearl have solved this with the Pearl Roadshow Junior based on the popular full size Roadshow kit that is an excellent starter set that we sell. Following in the footsteps of Pearl’s Roadshow series for beginning drummers, this is not merely a toy made to look like a drum set. The Roadshow Jr. is an all-in-one five piece kit featuring hardware, cymbals, and sturdy White Poplar shell construction for an exceptional, tunable, powerful playing experience. The package includes bass drum pedal, snare, cymbal, and hi-hat stands, and a 13” crash and 10” hi-hat metal cymbal set. Second-rate gear only makes the drumming journey harder.  Here are some things to look for when buying your first drum kit; see for yourself how Roadshow Jr. stacks up. 16”x 10” bass drum 13”x 8” floor tom 10”x 5.5" tom 8”x 5” toms 12”x 4” snare drum Hardware Cymbal, hi-hat, and snare drum stands should start with a strong and well-balanced tripod base. ROADSHOW JR’s included hardware package is scaled to the reachable -and portable- needs of the smaller player without sacrificing quality. All stands are height and angle adjustable, and the included bass drum pedal features a smooth chain drive for fast, accurate play. Specs Snare Drum The Snare Drum is the voice of the drum set, and ROADSHOW JR. features a powerful 12”x4” model with similar specifications to Pearl’s popular Short Fuse auxiliary snare for professional players. Bass Drum The bass drum is the tonal heartbeat of the drum set and the foundation for the rest of the complete drum set-up. The ROADSHOW JR bass drum includes locking, adjustable feet (or ‘spurs’), and secure mounting for toms and accessories. Cymbals ROADSHOW JR’s included cymbal set features a 13” crash and a set of 10” hi-hat cymbals. Great for accents and timekeeping until an upgraded cymbal set-up is acquired.
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DW Smart Practice Kit (DWCPPADTS5) drum kit DW
Not specified DW Smart Practice Kit (DWC... $295.00 $299.00
DW Smart Practice Kit  (DWCPPADTS5) The 5-piece portable Go Anywhere™ Complete Practice Set allows you to sharpen your independence, groove, and coordination without bothering others. Notable features include heavy duty construction, natural feel and rebound, and easy setup. Complete 5 pad set with stand - includes: (2) 8" pads for tom and cymbal (2) 10" pads for snare and floor tom (1) bass drum pad
Pearl Decade Maple 8 Tom Drum & 14 Floor Tom Drum Add-on Pack GLOSS DEEP RED (DMP814PC261) toms Pearl
Pearl Pearl Decade Maple 8 Tom Dr... $549.99
Pearl Decade Maple 8 Tom Drum & 14 Floor Tom Drum Add-on Pack GLOSS DEEP RED (DMP814PC261) Pearl Decade Maple 2-piece Add-on Tom Pack Features: Two all-maple toms at a great price Shell sizes (depth x diameter): 7" x 8" tom, 14" x 14" floor tom 6-ply, 5.4mm SST (Superior Shell Technology) construction yields a tough and toneful drum Mini-lugs inspired by Pearl's Reference series Hand-treated shell interiors and bearing edges Includes high tom mount and holder, ADP20 stand adapter, and floor tom legs
MEINL Cymbals Drum Rug - Oriental 160 x 200 cm / 5' x 6' (MDR-OR) Meinl MEINL Cymbals Drum Rug - Oriental 160 x 200 cm / 5' x 6' (MDR-OR) Meinl
Meinl MEINL Drum Rug - Oriental 1... $199.99
MEINL Drum Rug - Oriental 160 x 200 cm / 5' x 6' (MDR-OR) So many drummers told Meinl about their drum kits creeping on stage, Meinl decided to do something about it. Now drummers are sinking their bass drum spurs into a MEINL Drum Rug. With its no-slip rubber bottom, tightly woven fabric top and great choice of graphics, it is the ultimate rug for preventing drum creep…and giving your set-up a more personalized vibe. When the gig is over, roll it up, put it in its very own bag and away you go. Never suffer from drum creep again! •Colour: Blue/White/Red•Feature 2: Avoids sliding•Feature 1: Bottom side covered with rubber•Size: 160 cm x 200 cm•Design: Oriental•Feature 3: Comes with a bag•Feature 4: Comfortable transportation  
Ludwig Classic Maple Fab Drum Set, Vintage Black Oyster (L84233AX1QWC) drum kit Ludwig
Ludwig Ludwig Classic Maple Fab Dr... $3,499.00
Ludwig Classic Maple Fab Drum Set, Vintage Black Oyster (L84233AX1QWC) We are an authorized Ludwig dealer and can order anything you are interested in. These are standard build Ludwig Classic Maple drums in a variety of configurations and wraps. Shell packs include tom mounting hardware but no other hardware or cymbals included.  Drum sets ship free in Canada.  Classic Maple series drums have been the professional choice for over 20 years. Its full tonality, rich sustain, and exceptional versatility has made these drums the premier choice for any performance application. Utilizing a process refined through over a century of drum making, Classic Maple drums preserve the signature Ludwig sound with optimal performance. Select from a range of popular Standard Outfits or custom tailor your kit through The Ludwig Outfitter. Hand-crafted at Ludwig USA in Monroe, NC. Fab 22/13/16
ASBA Metal Steel Drum Shell Packs drum kit ASBA ASBA Metal Steel Drum Shell Packs drum kit ASBA
ASBA ASBA Metal Steel Drum Shell... from $599.99
ASBA Metal Steel Drum Shell Packs ASBA Hand made in France! These steel drums are a recreation of the steel drums of the 70's. ASBA have a long history of making metal drums. These exceptionally made drums are available in the shop and to order.  We currently have 3 configurations available all drums are traditional depths. 20/12/14 22/13/16 24/13/16 10" x 8" add on Toms have on mounting hardware on shell. Options are available but we recommend a solid snare stand for the rack tom. First created in the early 70s for Christian Vander, the founder and drummer of the notorious French band Magma, we are proud to bring back this iconic and legendary METAL kit into the ASBA collection. Shell :Brushed stainless steel - Thickness 1mm Drum parts :High-quality chrome, exclusive ASBA design Hoops :Triple flanged steel hoops Bass drum hoops :Maple with vintage stain handcrafted Manufacturing :Handcrafted in our workshop in Lyon - France Stamp :Stamped label inside the shell certifying the date of manufacturing of the instrument      

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