Pearl Roadshow Junior Complete Set - NEW! Pearl Black Pearl Roadshow Junior Complete Set - NEW! Pearl Grindstone Sparkle
Pearl Pearl Roadshow Junior Compl... $499.99
Pearl Roadshow Junior Complete Set It's always difficult to find a quality starter set for a younger enthusiast. Many smaller kits are toy-like and do not last and often have non replaceable drum heads and parts. Pearl have solved this with the Pearl Roadshow Junior based on the popular full size Roadshow kit that is an excellent starter set that we sell. Following in the footsteps of Pearl’s Roadshow series for beginning drummers, this is not merely a toy made to look like a drum set. The Roadshow Jr. is an all-in-one five piece kit featuring hardware, cymbals, and sturdy White Poplar shell construction for an exceptional, tunable, powerful playing experience. The package includes bass drum pedal, snare, cymbal, and hi-hat stands, and a 13” crash and 10” hi-hat metal cymbal set. Second-rate gear only makes the drumming journey harder.  Here are some things to look for when buying your first drum kit; see for yourself how Roadshow Jr. stacks up. 16”x 10” bass drum 13”x 8” floor tom 10”x 5.5" tom 8”x 5” toms 12”x 4” snare drum Hardware Cymbal, hi-hat, and snare drum stands should start with a strong and well-balanced tripod base. ROADSHOW JR’s included hardware package is scaled to the reachable -and portable- needs of the smaller player without sacrificing quality. All stands are height and angle adjustable, and the included bass drum pedal features a smooth chain drive for fast, accurate play. Specs Snare Drum The Snare Drum is the voice of the drum set, and ROADSHOW JR. features a powerful 12”x4” model with similar specifications to Pearl’s popular Short Fuse auxiliary snare for professional players. Bass Drum The bass drum is the tonal heartbeat of the drum set and the foundation for the rest of the complete drum set-up. The ROADSHOW JR bass drum includes locking, adjustable feet (or ‘spurs’), and secure mounting for toms and accessories. Cymbals ROADSHOW JR’s included cymbal set features a 13” crash and a set of 10” hi-hat cymbals. Great for accents and timekeeping until an upgraded cymbal set-up is acquired.
Ludwig Drum Rug drum kit Ludwig Ludwig Drum Rug drum kit Ludwig
Ludwig Ludwig Drum Rug 63" x 78" (... $159.99
Ludwig Drum Rug 63" x 78" (approximately 5' x 6') (LUDRUG) Featuring the famous Ludwig script logo and keystone design on a black rug along with non-slip rubber bottom and Velcro fastener.
DW 3000 Series Double Tom Stand - New drum kit DW
DW DW 3000 Series Light Weight... $215.99
DW 3000 Series Light Weight Double Tom Stand (DWCP3900A) The 3000 Series Double Tom Stand from DW is an outstanding lightweight, durable tripod-style stand that is ideal for lighter toms but can also handle heavier toms if needed. The 3900 represents DW's lightest-weight stand yet, but with the rugged, versatile features of their ever-popular 9900 series. The 3900 features the dual tom ball-and-socket/auxiliary clamp top that lets you mount two toms securely and with the peace of mind that they will stay in place during your performance. This durable stand also features hinged memory locks at tube joints that ensure precise, repeatable height settings every time you set up.
Pearl Compact Traveler Kit (PCTK-1810) drum kit pearl
pearl Pearl Compact Traveler Kit ... $349.99
Pearl Compact Traveler Kit (PCTK-1810) Not always in stock but available within a week from our supplier.  Awesome portable drum set from Pearl. Kick and Snare only - (cymbals and hardware available separately) Pearl’s Compact Traveler includes a slim 18” bass drum and 10” snare mounted off a 3/8” post. The compact footprint is perfect for schools, street drummers and small stages. Features PCTK1810 includes a 10" snare & 18" bass drum with black hardware and frame PCTK1810BG includes a 10" snare & 18" bass drum with the travel bag Drum Key Tunable Accepts standard drumheads Folds compact - Less than 5" thick Foam Grip for Easy Carry
DW Smart Practice Kit (DWCPPADTS5) drum kit DW
DW DW Smart Practice Kit (DWC... $310.99
DW Smart Practice Kit  (DWCPPADTS5) The 5-piece portable Go Anywhere™ Complete Practice Set allows you to sharpen your independence, groove, and coordination without bothering others. Notable features include heavy duty construction, natural feel and rebound, and easy setup. Complete 5 pad set with stand - includes: (2) 8" pads for tom and cymbal (2) 10" pads for snare and floor tom (1) bass drum pad
clearsonic CLEARSONIC ISO BOOTH FOR DR... $3,999.00
CLEARSONIC ISO BOOTH FOR DRUMKIT PACKAGE This is currently available as special order please contact us for availability from our supplier. Due to the size of this package we do not ship for free. Please contact us and we can work out the best option for you. Contact us for all clearsonic products and accessories.  6-feet wide x 7-feet deep x 6.5-feet tall IsoPac B - 50-60% perceived volume reductionPlease note that all of our booths have a gap in the rear to promote air circulation and are not 'airtight' or 100% isolated.  If desired, extra pieces can be purchased to effectively close this gap and provide maximum isolation. There is an A2466x6 CSP with AX2412x6 Height Extenders in the front, and (3) S2466x2 SORBER baffles in the rear. The acrylic panels are a total of 6.5-feet tall, and the S2466x2 baffles are 5.5-feet tall, so there is a foot of open space around the rear of the booth and a six-inch clip-on fan to help with air exchange.Parts List:(1) A2466x6(1) AX2412x6(3) S2466x2(4) S2224(1) S2466(2) ST2466(1) BAR(1) FAN
ASBA Metal Steel Drum Shell Packs drum kit ASBA ASBA Metal Steel Drum Shell Packs drum kit ASBA
ASBA ASBA Metal Steel Drum Shell... from $599.99
ASBA Metal Steel Drum Shell Packs ASBA Hand made in France! These steel drums are a recreation of the steel drums of the 70's. ASBA have a long history of making metal drums. These exceptionally made drums are available in the shop and to order.  We currently have 3 configurations available all drums are traditional depths. 20/12/14 22/13/16 24/13/16 10" x 8" add on Toms have on mounting hardware on shell. Options are available but we recommend a solid snare stand for the rack tom. First created in the early 70s for Christian Vander, the founder and drummer of the notorious French band Magma, we are proud to bring back this iconic and legendary METAL kit into the ASBA collection. Shell :Brushed stainless steel - Thickness 1mm Drum parts :High-quality chrome, exclusive ASBA design Hoops :Triple flanged steel hoops Bass drum hoops :Maple with vintage stain handcrafted Manufacturing :Handcrafted in our workshop in Lyon - France Stamp :Stamped label inside the shell certifying the date of manufacturing of the instrument      
-24% sale
DW Classics Lacquer Custom 4pc drum kit DW DW Classics Lacquer Custom 4pc drum kit DW
DW DW Classics Lacquer Custom 4pc $4,999.00 $6,500.00
DW Classics Lacquer Custom 4pc 22 x 14 12 x 8 13 x 9 16 x 16 Lacquer custom burst Burgundy/Gold satin. Classic Shells
Trixon Early 1950's Solist Set drum kit Trixon Trixon Early 1950's Solist Set drum kit Trixon
Trixon Trixon Early 1950's Solist Set $2,500.00
This is a very early 1950's Trixon set. I believe it is a somewhat modified "Solist" model. Beautiful thin beech shells with re-rings. Big and full sounding. Other than the 13" tom all other drums are non-standard sizes. we were fortunate to have had some new old stock Remo Ambassadors that fit the snare top and floor tom top and bottom. The bass drum and snare bottom have store tucked calf heads, we altered and old 24" metal flesh hoop for one side and used the original wood flesh hoop to assemble the bass drum. The snare bottom has a calf head that is more of a batter weight tucked on an altered metal flesh hoop so we could get it assembled. Although these drums are playable and sound great they are probably a special occasion studio set/show piece for the next owner. As far as I can tell the following mods have been done: Bass drum cymbal mount in the center looks added later. The 14" (metric) tom was originally mounted on the bass drum but at some point very early in it's life original Trixon floor tom legs were added to the drum to allow a more conventional set up. Issues: Other than the metric sizing and replaced heads the drums appear to have all parts like mufflers, slotted tension rods, spurs, legs and mounting hardware. Floor tom has 2 small holes that might be for a muffler except the original muffler is in place and different. Each drum has an extra vent size hole that has no grommet and is possibly an owner drilled hole, maybe he had heaters in the drums at some point, hard to know. Chrome is excellent, a few lugs have some cracks the finish is even across all drums and is a light green sparkle. The photos make the drums look less matched than they are in person. Any questions feel free to ask.
-14% sale
Pearl Music City Custom Drums drum kit Pearl Pearl Music City Custom Drums drum kit Pearl
Pearl Pearl Music City Custom Drums $3,299.99 $3,799.99
Pearl MRV Shells in Bronze Oyster. 22 x 16 16 x 16 12 x 8  Music City Custom provides the true Artist Experience and a drum set like no other. Quick custom manufacturing, massive size and finish selection, industry leading craftsmanship, and Pearl's exclusive Lifetime Warranty all combine to set a new standard for USA born high end drum sets. Custom kits assembled in the USA and delivered in about 8 weeks. This program offers a variety of shells models and wrap finishes.  Contact us about ordering your dream Pearl kit.
Gretsch Brooklyn Silver Mist Duco 5pc - New drum kit Gretsch Gretsch Brooklyn Silver Mist Duco 5pc - New drum kit Gretsch
Gretsch Gretsch Brooklyn Silver Mis... $3,699.99
Gretsch Brooklyn Silver Mist Duco 5pc. Brand new finish available for Gretsch Brooklyn. Silver Mist Duco is Silver outsides with an off white center band. Clean and classic looking set.  10 x 7 12 x 8 14 x 14 20 x 14 14 x 5.5 snare (Drum hardware, pedals and cymbals sold separately) Brooklyn, New York and Gretsch Drums share an inseparable legacy that is reflected in the Gretsch Brooklyn Series. Proudly hand-crafted in Gretsch’s Ridgeland, SC, USA factory, Gretsch Brooklyn produces a sound that is immediately recognizable, yet distinctively reinvented. Brooklyn drums feature 6-ply North American maple/poplar shells and are made slightly thicker than Gretsch’s USA Custom Drums and have a 30-degree bearing edge. Shell interiors are finished with classic Gretsch Silver Sealer. Each shell comes with a distinctive Brooklyn internal shell label that identifies the drum shell model number and serial number.Brooklyn toms and snares feature the distinctive Gretsch “302” hoop. Its 3mm thick and double-flanged and is reminiscent of hoops used by Gretsch until the mid 1950’s. Brooklyn delivers classic Gretsch tones that are full, punchy and warm. Brooklyn’s innovative specifications created a new Gretsch tonal characteristic that is slightly more open and satisfyingly ambient. There is no denying that Brooklyn drums possess the sound of classic Gretsch drums, but deliver their own sonic personality.

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