Drum Workshop Direct Link Cajon Pedal DWCP5000CJDL drum kit DW
DW Drum Workshop Direct Link C... $488.99
Drum Workshop Direct Link Cajon Pedal (DWCP5000CJDL) Direct link pedal allows the player to place the pedal board in a natural location and benefit from the playability of the direct drive linkage. 
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LP Woodshop Cajon, Birch, Red Blur (LP1491RB) Hand Drums LP
LP LP Woodshop Cajon, Birch, R... $399.99
LP Woodshop Cajon, Birch, Red Blur (LP1491RB) The LP Woodshop Cajon is made in small batches in LP’s European woodshop for the discerning cajon player. This instrument features two adjustable strings to allow for customized tone, while a red blur Artply soundboard offers eye-catching looks and definition.   19” x 11-1/2” x 11-3/4”  Birch body  Red blur Artply soundboard with rounded corners  Two adjustable strings  Small batch made
LP Woodshop Cajon, Birch Black Stripe (LP1491BS) Cajons LP
LP LP Woodshop Cajon, Birch B... $399.99
LP  Woodshop Cajon, Birch Black Stripe (LP1491BS) Produced in small batches at Latin Percussion’s European workshop, Woodshop series cajons are ideal for discerning cajonists. This LP1491BS Woodshop Cajon’s birch body provides the wonderful resonance and tonal qualities that birch is known for, and its black stripe Artply soundboard adds definition to the sound plus a gorgeous aesthetic to its looks. Additionally, two internal adjustable strings allow you to shape your ideal snare sound. RedOne percussionists agree that Latin Percussion’s Woodshop series of cajons are simply gorgeous instruments that are perfect for both professional cajon players as well as collectors. Features Boutique cajon made in small batches Birch body provides this tonewood’s renown depth and warmth Black stripe Artply soundboard lends a beautiful visual aesthetic 2 adjustable strings for sculpting your desired snare sounds Dimensions (H x W x D): 19 inches x 11.5 inches x 11.75 inches Specification Cajon Type: Woodshop Cajon Size: 19" x 11.75" x 11.5" Body Material: Birch Playing Surface: Black Stripe Artply, Rounded Corners Acoustic/Electric: Acoustic Snare Wires: 2 x Adjustable Strings Manufacturer Part Number: LP1491BS
LP Perdrito Martinez Signature Deep Cut Mango Stave Cajon (LP1406-PM) Cajons LP
LP LP Perdrito Martinez Signat... $391.99
LP Perdrito Martinez Signature Deep Cut Mango Stave Cajon (LP1406-PM) Pedrito Martinez is an amazing, multi-talented force to be reckoned with. Not only is he one of this generation’s premier percussionists, he is a Grammy nominated band leader with an irresistibly charismatic voice. Latin Percussion is proud to be associated with Pedrito and develop a signature line that is as bold as the artist that bears its name.  H-19" W-11-3/4" D-11-1/2"   Staved Mango body with Premium Tone Wood Soundboard   Large belly provides expanded sonic range   Textured seating surface   Stained Mocha finish
LP 3D Cube String Cajon with Bag LP1423 cajon LP
LP LP 3D Cube String Cajon wit... $363.99
 LP 3D Cube String Cajon with Bag LP1423  Inspired by the artwork of M.C. Escher, this cajon is crafted by hand laying solid pieces of dark stained and natural Siam Oak with Indian Lilac wood to create an optical illusion that is both two-dimensional and three-dimensional at the same time. Slightly wider, this drum has a huge bottom-end while six angle-mounted guitar strings provide enhanced high-end snap and crack for a multi-dimensional sound. Bag included.  
LP Roundback Sub-Bass Cajon w/Mahogany Soundboard (LP1461M) Cajons LP LP Roundback Sub-Bass Cajon w/Mahogany Soundboard (LP1461M) Cajons LP
LP LP Roundback Sub-Bass Cajon... $299.99
LP Roundback Sub-Bass Cajon w/Mahogany Soundboard (LP1461M) This LP Roundback Sub-Bass Cajon features a mahogany soundboard and a rounded body for extra bass tone. The cajon features a chambered construction with a front-facing sound port for enhanced projection.Features:- 19” x 14-1/4” x 14”- Plywood Body- Mahogany Soundboard with Rounded Corners- Two Sets of Premium Snare Wires- Chambered Construction with Front-Facing Sound Port
Meinl Jam Series Cajon with Baltic Birch Frontplate cajon Meinl
Meinl Meinl Jam Series Cajon with... $108.99
Meinl Jam Series Cajon with Baltic Birch Frontplate (JC50AB-B) The MEINL Jam Cajon with fixed internal snares is perfect for playing on the go. Its compact design is lightweight and easy to carry to drum circles or acoustic gigs. Crafted in Europe from Baltic birch wood, the Jam Cajon has great low end punch when played near the center and dishes out snare drum "slap" sounds when striking the top corners of the playing surface. The dual internal snares are fitted to rest against the inside of the frontplate for a sensitive response. These sounds are perfect for providing the rhythmic foundation for acoustic music. Compact size 10 1/2" X 15" X 10 1/4" Baltic birch construction Dual internal fixed snare wires Rubber feet and rear sound port Material: Baltic Birch (Betula-Pendula); Almond Birch (Betula pendula) Colour: Baltic Birch Model JC50AB-B
MEINL Pedal Mount for Cymbals (PM-2) Drum Kit Mounting Hardware Meinl
Meinl MEINL Pedal Mount for Cymba... $81.99
MEINL Pedal Mount for Cymbals (PM-2) The MEINL pedal mount for cymbals is a unique pedal that makes it possible to create cymbal swells and crashes with your feet. •Feature 1: For foot-activated cymbal crashes•Feature 2: Fits any common bass drum pedal•Feature 3: Includes cymbal arm•Feature 4: Holds cymbals ranging from 16" to 22"•Including: 1 Cymbal Holder•Material: Black Powder Coated Steel•Finish: Black Powder Coated 
NINO Percussion Bongo Cajon, Natural (NINO931) cajon Nino
Nino NINO Percussion Bongo Cajon... $45.99
NINO Percussion Bongo Cajon, Natural (NINO931) The new NINO® Bongo Cajon is a great sounding cajon in a size suitable for children. The playing surface is divided into two sections, for high and low pitches, just like traditional bongo drums. It can be held between the knees, or set on the floor. •Size: 12" W x 5 1/2" H x 5" D (30,5 x 14 x 12,4 cm)•Material: Baltic Birch (Betula)•Colour: Natural•Features: High- and Low-Pitch playing surfaces•Age Rating: 3+
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MEINL Percussion Cajon Gig Bag (MSTCJB) Cajons Meinl MEINL Percussion Cajon Gig Bag (MSTCJB) Cymbal & Drum Cases Meinl
Meinl MEINL Percussion Cajon Gig ... $39.99
MEINL Percussion Cajon Gig Bag (MSTCJB) •Material: Heavy duty nylon•Measures: 20 1/2" W x 12" H x 12" D•Features: Carrying grip•Colour: Black
MEINL Percussion Jingle Tap (JT-S-BK) Percussion Meinl
Meinl MEINL Percussion Jingle Tap... $24.99
MEINL Percussion Jingle Tap (JT-S-BK) The MEINL Jingle Tap is part of the cajon add-ons that you can mount anywhere with hook and loop fastener to expand the possibilities on your set. The steel jingles will give a nice accent to almost any musical situation. •Colour: Black•Material: Rubber Wood (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.)•Material: Steel jingles•Feature: Hook and loop fastener goes on any surface•Size: Medium
LP Foot Tambourine (LP188) percussion LP
LP LP Foot Tambourine (LP188) $20.99
LP Foot Tambourine (LP188)  The Latin Percussion LP188 Foot Tambourine is an ideal accompaniment for Cajon players or guitarists. You can use the tambourine sound as a pattern, pulse, or backbeat to any song that needs a little extra flavor. Simply slip the durable elastic band on your shoe, and the tambourine is secured to your foot. Its ABS plastic body is specially contoured so that it's comfortable to wear during performances. The four pairs of nickel-plated jingles are held in place by a patented jingle pinning system. Durable red, high-impact plastic frame Patented jingle pinning system keeps jingles in place 4 pairs of Nickel plated steel jingles for bright, high-projecting sound Elastic band fits comfortably over foot

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