Bosphorus Syncopation Ride Used 22 Bosphorus Syncopation Ride Used 22
Bosphorus Bosphorus Syncopation Ride ... $399.99
Bosphorus Syncopation Ride Used 22" Nice used cymbal with typical stick marks and fingerprints. Small bit of tape residue on back side. No cracks, keyhole or other damage

Bosphorus Cymbals was established in 1996 by three master cymbal smiths, Hasan Seker, Ibrahim Yakici and Hasan Ozdemir. They are called Masters because they are the most experienced cymbal smiths in Turkey who are still working actively.

The founders of Bosphorus were three good friends who grew up in the same neighborhood. Their common thread was being sent to work in a neighborhood cymbal workshop. Their humble beginings included cleaning the workshop and other menial tasks, but in time they were trained in the art of making cymbals. In the early ages of their youth they became cymbal smiths. Their teachers were the masters who manufactured the legendary cymbals of 60’s and 70’s.

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