Paiste Formula 602 14" Heavy Hi Hats (1043414)

SKU: 23412

Paiste Formula 602 14" Heavy Hi Hats (1043414)

SKU: 23412
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Paiste Formula 602 14" Heavy Hi Hats (1043414)

Heavy Hi-Hats are perfect for precise, articulate playing thanks to their defined, crisp sound. When played heavily, they cut brightly and powerfully through in louder situations.

Sound Character
Bright, powerful, crisp. Fairly narrow range, clean mix. Heavy feel. Bright, cutting open sound, clear, defined closed sound. Crisp chick sound. Bright hi-hat with a wide range for articulate playing in medium loud settings to cutting power in very loud situations.

Weight: medium heavy top / heavy bottom
Volume: medium to very loud
Stick Sound: pronounced, clear
Intensity: fairly lively
Sustain: medium
Chick Sound: crisp, cutting

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