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Sell on consignment at Dave's Drum Shop

We have been actively selling used goods on consignment as Dave's Drum Shop since 2007 prior to that we had had over 20 years experience selling used equipment as a part of Song Bird Music.

We have a very popular brick and mortar store in Ottawa and the number 1 drum only website in Canada offering used equipment that is updated weekly if not daily.  Selling on consignment with us frees you from the hassle of having to host a sale in your home or at a parking lot. 

Customers for your used equipment have the option to pay with cash, credit, debit, paypal, gift cards, etc. They are also offered a 30 day layaway if needed.  

We pay out 3 days after the final sale. 

Click to see some of our current and sold consignment items

Consignment Agreement for Dave’s Drum Shop Inc.

  • a) Minimum consignment term is 2 weeks. You must leave the item at Dave’s Drum Shop Inc. for at least 2 weeks to give us a chance to sell it.
  • b) Dave’s Drum Shop Inc. takes a commission of 25%. Dave’s Drum Shop Inc. agrees to sell the item(s) for the agreed upon price, unless consent to sell for a different price is given, verbally or otherwise, by consignor. If the item does not sell there will be no charge to consignor.
  • c) Dave’s Drum Shop Inc. requires a price review after 4 weeks, if the item has not sold. We recommend reducing the price at this point by at least 10%.
  • d) The consignor agrees to allow a 3 day return period after sale, whereby the purchaser has the right to return item for refund if hidden defect is found.
  • e) Dave’s Drum Shop Inc. agrees to pay the consignor the stated amount no sooner than 3 calendar days after the item sells.
  • f) Consignor agrees to allow consigned item to be placed on layaway with deposit for 1 month. If purchaser is unable to complete the layaway, item is put back up for sale, and purchaser receives an in-store credit, less $20 transaction fee.
  • g) Payment to consignor will be by cheque. Dave’s Drum Shop Inc. does not guarantee notification when consignment items sell; it is consignee’s responsibility to check in on the status of the consigned merchandise.
  • h) It is the consignor's responsibility to notify of any change in contact information.

  • a) This Agreement shall remain in force until either party decides to terminate following the two week minimum term. The consignor does so by coming in and removing the consigned merchandise or making arrangements to do so. Dave’s Drum Shop Inc. may terminate with notice to the consignor.
  • b) If consignor doesn't remove consigned merchandise 2 weeks after written notice, Dave’s Drum Shop Inc. reserves the right to dispose of it and retain all proceeds.

  • a) Dave’s Drum Shop Inc. operates a website called Consignment items are listed on the website as soon as we can create content and photographs. Dave’s Drum Shop Inc. does not guarantee a listing on but will try to list items in a timely manner.
  • Internet pricing may be higher than store pricing to cover fees associated with online sales and shipping costs, we still guarantee your net pricing that we agreed on.
  • Dave’s Drum Shop Inc. also operates a presence to gain a wider audience. Pricing on these sites reflects additional charges for seller fee’s and other costs associated with selling on a third party websites. we still guarantee your net pricing that we agreed on.
  • a) Dave’s Drum Shop Inc. is responsible for replacement loss, theft, fire and major damage to consigned items. Dave’s Drum Shop Inc. agrees to take all reasonable measures to ensure consigned items are protected from wear and tear. Consignor will not hold Dave’s Drum Shop Inc. responsible for any normal wear and tear.


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