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TAMA MetalWorks Steel Snare Drum 10x5.5 (BST1055MBK) Snare Drums Tama
Tama TAMA MetalWorks Steel Snare... $155.99
TAMA MetalWorks Steel Snare Drum 10x5.5 (BST1055MBK) This steel snare drum offers a bright tone with a tight crispness in high-tuning and a smooth resonance in low-tuning. The color of the shell hardware is matched to the matte black shell.  
TAMA Hi-Hat Stand Pull Rod (HH905D3S) small parts Tama
Tama TAMA Hi-Hat Stand Pull Rod ... $15.99
TAMA Hi-Hat Stand Pull Rod (HH905D3S) Shorter length is ideal for compact setups High-quality OEM part; includes M6 plastic nut Length: 350mm / 13 3/4"
TAMA Cymbal Attachment (MCA53) Cymbals Tama
Tama TAMA Cymbal Attachment (MCA53) $74.99
TAMA Cymbal Attachment (MCA53) The MCA53 is a simplified attachment based on the functionality of the MCA63EN. Add cymbals by securing this attachment to stands from 15.1mm to 28.6mm in diameter.
TAMA Hat Stack (CSH5) Cymbals Tama
Tama TAMA Hat Stack (CSH5) $20.99
TAMA Hat Stack (CSH5) The "Hat Stack" is the simplest and most compact cymbal stacker in TAMA history. It allows you to attach a small diameter cymbal to your hi-hat rod with just a drum key. Also, its tiny size - 25 mm (1") diameter x 40 mm (1.5") height - doesn't interfere with your setup and is super easy to carry. The Hat Stack is a great new item that can expand your sound without having to purchase additional clamps.- Easily attach a small cymbal to hi-hat rod measuring up to 7mm in diameter- Compact size and lightweight for easy transport and storage - 25mm (1") diameter x 40mm (1.5") height- Ability to adjust cymbal sustain*Make sure to position the black plastic nut on the top. If you put it on the bottom, the cymbal could fall.
TAMA Closed Hi-Hat Attachment (MXA43) hihats Tama
Tama TAMA Closed Hi-Hat Attachme... $94.99
TAMA Closed Hi-Hat Attachment (MXA43) This closed hi-hat attachment utilizes a specially designed screw clutch, allowing for quick, easy, and precise adjustments. The space between the hi-hat cymbals can be adjusted by rotating the screw clutch clockwise or counterclockwise. The top cymbal is supported by a center spring, allowing for the hi-hat cymbals to be placed in the open position. This clamp can be attached to an existing stand pipe that is 15.9mm to 28.9mm in diameter. •Affordable closed Hi-hat cymbal attachment•Screw-Type Hi-hat clutch•FastClamp Easy Set-Up System
TAMA Multi-Clamp (MC62) clamp Tama
Tama TAMA Multi-Clamp (MC62) $51.99
TAMA Multi-Clamp (MC62) A double multi-clamp for connecting two pipes from 15.9mm to 28.6mm in diameter. Both sides feature the FastClamp Easy Set-Up System. Do you ever feel like you need three hands to attach a drum clamp?Are you constantly frustrated by having to search the floor for dropped and scattered parts? That's why TAMA's hardware designers came up with the FastClamp. It really is as easy as 1-2-3.1. Open the FastClamp just like a clothespin.2. Close the FastClamp on the stand just like a clothespin.3. The FastClamp holds the clamp in place so you can tighten the T-bolt.You're all done! Who knows, you may even start to enjoy setting up your kit as much as you do playing it! Probably not, but if your kit requires a lot of clamps, set up will be a lot faster and easier with attachments that feature the FastClamp Easy Set-Up System.
TAMA Stage Master Double Tom Stand (HTW49WN) stand Tama
Tama TAMA Stage Master Double To... $129.99
TAMA Stage Master Double Tom Stand (HTW49WN) With its rock solid stability, TAMA's Omni-ball system has been acclaimed by pro drummers for well over twenty years. You can achieve almost any angle by loosening one T-nut. -25.4mm Diameter Base Section Tubing-Omni-Ball Tom Angle Adjustment-Double Braced Legs-Weight: 3.6kg (7.14lbs)

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