We are thrilled to introduce HH Vanguard – the latest entry into our newly Remastered HH line! 

 100% handmade by SABIAN craftsmen, Vanguard truly expands the spectrum of HH, offering thinner, brighter models with exceptional articulation. Designed to provide exceptional versatility and feel, each model in the HH Vanguard family responds to the touch in a way that will surprise you – and inspire you.

We believe that drummers who prefer cymbals on the brighter end of the HH spectrum will love HH Vanguard cymbals – especially fans of the HHX Evolution line. Drummers can choose the 16” or 18” Vanguard for immediate responses, or the 20”, 21” or 22” Vanguard for warm, even wash with more control.



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Gibraltar 3/4
Gibraltar Gibraltar 3/4 " Diameter Ra... $49.99
Gibraltar 3/4 " Diameter Ratchet Tom Arm (SC-600HA) Ratchet style arm in 3/4" dia with 10" down tube. Fits many older and non-branded drum sets.
Gibraltar 6
Gibraltar Gibraltar 6" Mini Cymbal St... $14.99
Gibraltar 6" Mini Cymbal Stacker (SC-MCAS6) 6 Inch Mini Cymbal Stacker Add second cymbal. Screws onto existing 8mm cymbal tilter.
Gibraltar X-Hat Stacker (SC-XHAT)
Gibraltar Gibraltar X-Hat Stacker (SC... $62.99
Gibraltar X-Hat Stacker (SC-XHAT) Fits into 8mm cymbal tilter to add Hi-Hat on top of existing cymbal. (1pk)
Gibraltar L-Rod Tom Mount, Chrome (SC-STL4)
Gibraltar Gibraltar L-Rod Tom Mount, ... $29.99
Gibraltar L-Rod Tom Mount, Chrome (SC-STL4) Fits 9.5 to 12.7mm L-rods of floor tom legs. Includes mounting hardware and memory lock.
Remo 10
Remo Remo 10" Muff’l Control Rin... $17.99
Remo 10" Muff’l Control Ring (MF-1010-00) The Muff’l® Control Ring features foam rings mounted in drums with specially designed trays that hold them in place to provide partial dampening for Tom, Snare and Bass drums. Special plastic trays hold the foam in place Easily mount under the head and on top of the bearing edge Triple notched system secures pads without adhesive Ideal for low tensions Great for low volume practice applications
Remo Pre-tuned Bongo Drum Set, 6
Remo Remo Pre-tuned Bongo Drum S... $69.99
Remo Pre-tuned Bongo Drum Set, 6"+7", Black (BG-5300-70) The Festival Bongos feature Remo's pre-tuned Skyndeep® drumhead that provides high-pitch tones for recreational and educational applications. High-pitch tones Pre-tuned Skyndeep® drumheads and Acousticon® Shells Ideal for Recreational and educational applications Size - 6"/ 7" diameters
Remo 26
Remo Remo 26" Powerstroke P3 Fel... $69.99
Remo 26" Powerstroke P3 Felt Tone Hazy Drum Head (P3-1026-00-FLT)  The Powerstroke P3 Felt Tone Bass Drumheads incorporate the traditional style of dampening a bass drum with a strip of felt into an easy to install all inclusive Drumhead. Features the traditional style of dampening a bass drum with an easy to install all inclusive Drumhead. Constructed with a free floating felt dampening strip. Ideal for vintage and contemporary Drum-set applications

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