20 Head Anatolian Aquarian Bass Drum Bass Drum Head Bass Drum Hoop Bass Spurs Beater Bell Brass Black Beauty Bongo Bongos Brooklyn Brush Brushes Byzance Cajon Case Chimes China Clamp Classics Custom Dark Conga Congas Constantinople Controlled Sound Cow Bell Cowbell Craftsman Crash Ride Craviotto Cymbal Arm Cymbal Bag Cymbal Pack Cymbal Stand Djembe Double Bass Pedal Double Pedal Dream Drum Dial Drum Head Drum Key Drum Module Drum Pad Drum Rack Drum Rug Drum Set Drum Sticks Drumnbase Dw 3000 Dw 5000 Dw 6000 Dw 9000 Dw Collectors Dw Design Dw Drums Dw Hardware Dw Pedal Dw Performance Dw Snare Dw Stand Electric Drums Electronic Drum Kit Electronic Drums Emad Evans Evans Db One Extra Thin Byzance Fiberskyn Flat Ride Floor Tom Floor Tom Legs Frame Drum Gibraltar Gong Gretsch Gretsch Snare Gretsch Snare Drum Gretsch Usa Custom Hardware Bag Hhx Complex Hi Hat Hi Hat Boom Hihat Stand Hoop Hoops Inde Legacy Los Cabos Low Boy Ludwig Ludwig B Stock Snare Ludwig Snare Ludwig Snare Drum Lugs Mallet Meinl Meinl Byzance Meinl Crash Meinl Cymbals Meinl Stack Paiste Paiste 2002 Pearl Pedal Practice Practice Pad Premier Promark Protection Racket Rack Recording Custom Remo Remo Emperor Ride Ride Cymbal Roc N Soc Rogers Roland Sabian Sabian Hi Hats Sabian Ride Shirt Singing Bowls Snare Snare Drum Snare Drums Snare Side Snare Weight Snare Wire Snare Wires Snareweight Sonor Splash Stack Stick Bag T Shirt Tama Tama Snare Tambourine Tension Rods Throne Throw Off Timbale Timbales Toms Tongue Drum Tour Custom Used Vater Vic Firth Worldmax Yamaha Yamaha Drums Yamaha Snare Zildjian Zildjian Snare


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Remo 16
Remo Remo 16" Ambassador Hazy Sn... $30.00
Remo 16" Ambassador Hazy Snare Side Drum Head (SA-0116-00)  The Ambassador Hazy Snare Side features open resonant tones that is the industry standard for resonant Snare drum applications. Features open resonant tones 1-ply 3-mil film Ideal for all Snare drum applications Available in sizes 8" - 16" The industry standard for resonant Snare drum applications
Remo 18
Remo Remo 18" Controlled Sound D... $53.99
Remo 18" Controlled Sound Drum Head (CS-0318-10) The Controlled Sound Clear Top Black Dot drumheads features focused midrange tones with well-defined attack. Focused midrange tones with well defined attack 1-ply 10-mil Clear film and 5-mil Top Black Dot Ideal for all playing applications Available in sizes 6" - 40" Black Dot™ adds durability and overtone control.
Remo Falam Slam, 2 Pack, 4
Remo Remo Falam Slam, 2 Pack, 4"... $21.99
Remo Falam Slam, 2 Pack, 4" (KS-0004-PH) The Remo Falam Slam Bass Drum Patch is crafted from Kevlar (the same material used in bulletproof vests) that protects your double bass drumhead from the abuse suffered from using plastic or wood beaters. Maximum durability beater impact patches for all Bass drumheads Adhesive-backed Constructed with high-strength Kevlar® for maxmimum durability Available in 4" and 2.5" diameter single pedal circles as well as 4" and 2.5" diameter versions for double pedals
Remo Falam Slam Double Pedal, 4
Remo Remo Falam Slam Double Peda... $17.99
Remo Falam Slam Double Pedal, 4" (KS-0006-PH) Remo's Double Falam Slam Patch keeps your bass drum head from busting open when you play lots of really loud notes on your pedal. It's made of Kevlar - you know, the bulletproof stuff. To install, just remove the paper on the back to expose the adhesive and stick it right where your beater heads hit the drum. This patch has ample space for two beater heads, for all you double bass players out there. Maximum durability beater impact patches for all Bass drumheads Adhesive-backed Constructed with high-strength Kevlar® for maxmimum durability Available in 4" and 2.5" diameter single pedal circles as well as 4" and 2.5" diameter versions for double pedals
Remo 14
Remo Remo 14" Emperor Clear Drum... $33.00
Remo 14" Emperor Clear Drum Head (BE-0314-00) Remo Emperor Clear heads produce bright, wide open sounds compared to the Coated Emperors. The 2-ply, 7-mil Mylar film construction provides consistently open tones that are very popular among studio and live drummers. Feature attack, projection and increased durability 2-plies of 7-mm Clear film
Remo 18
Remo Remo 18" Ambassador Coated ... $66.99
Remo 18" Ambassador Coated Bass Drum Head (BR-1118-00) Not too thin and not too thick, Remo's Ambassador Coated heads are made from one ply of 10-mil Mylar film that resonates with a long, bright tone. They have a moderate durability - as long as you don't wail on them, they'll treat you well for quite a while. Great for heavier jazz or light-to-medium rock! The coated surface gives the head a slightly muted, darker tone than a clear head. Provides bright attack and controlled sustain 1-ply 10-mm Coated Film Ideal for Tom, Bass and Snare batter applications Available in sizes 6"- 40" The worlds most popular 1-ply Coated drumhead
Remo REMO 16" Coated Pinstripe D... $38.99
REMO 16" Coated Pinstripe Drum Head (PS-0116-00) The Pinstripe Coated features midrange tones with low-end and increased durability. Constructed with 2-plies of 7-mil Clear film, Pinstripe Coated drumheads have an overtone reducing agent applied between the 2-plies providing overtone control with increased attack. The Pinstripe series is one of the world’s most popular drumheads. Available in sizes 6" - 30".

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