Yamaha John JR Robinson Signature Snare (BSD1455NJR)

SKU: 27537

Yamaha John JR Robinson Signature Snare (BSD1455NJR)

SKU: 27537

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Yamaha John JR Robinson Signature Snare (BSD1455NJR)

Made in Japan Signature snare in excellent condition overall. The wrap has a tackiness to it that feels like it has a reaction to something as the rest of the drum does not have this issue. The wrap looks good just yellowed with age it just feels less smooth than you might expect. We will try to clean a little to see if we can do something with it otherwise we won't mess with it too much. This doesn't affect the sound or look of the drum. You can see the wrap lifting under the head also, this seems to be due to an adhesive tape Yamaha must have used at the time as opposed to gluing the wrap down. 

The drums is from the original owner and has signs of use but nothing serious. Good used heads and stock wires. 


John " JR" Robinson Signature Model Snare Specifications:

Made in Japan Hybrid Design Utilizes Copper Pins Embedded In The All-Birch Shell

Starting with a 5-1/2" x 14" 7-ply all-birch shell, Yamaha drives 20 copper pins into the shell's edge to obtain the particular sound that JR desired. Compared to an all-wood shell this unique design delivers a sound that is amazingly tight and focused. The shell is finished with a covering sheet of white gold.

Special Chrome plated Zinc Die-Cast Hoops And Small Lugs

The 3mm zinc die-cast hoops used on the drum produce a powerful attack and sharp decay. Small lugs have been chosen for their minimum lug-to-shell contact that lets the shell vibrate freely. The special chrome plating used on the hoops and lugs adds visual significance to the overall appearance.

25-Strand Snare And 2.7mm Wide Snare Bed

To get a larger, more sensitive snare sound Yamaha added 5 more hi-carbon steel strands to the usual 20 for a 25-strand snare. Also, the snare bed was increased 1.8mm to 2.7mm to inhibit any influence from the sympathetic vibrations produced by surrounding drums.Unique snare that sounds killer, own a Signature drum by "The worlds most recorded drummer"

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