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Trick Cymbal Topper - Trick-Daves Drum Shop Ottawa Canada
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Trick Cymbal Topper

  • $1999

There are many quick cymbal systems out there. Some of them are cheaper and some of them look cool. But none of them are like this!


What more could you really ask for? The Trick Drums Quick Release Cymbal Topper is truly the best on the market. Using the same cutting edge innovative design that trick strives for, this QR is designed to sustain prolonged beating, touring, rains, sweat, blood, heavy metal, and just about anything else you can throw at it!

This system is designed to be installed in just seconds and once installed swapping, installing and removing cymbals is done in mere milliseconds!

Here is how easy it is to install: (and if you are already tired of reading there is a video)

Remove current wing nut, cymbal felts, washers, and other accessories from the threaded post on your cymbal stand(s).
Remove quick release top from the black stem.
Screw the black stem onto the cymbal stand threaded stem finger tight utilizing the stem (not the knurled silver knob).
Install felts, cymbal, and quick release top and you are all set.

You can adjust the height/tightness by spinning the knurled knob up and down!

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