MEINL Cymbals Pure Alloy Splash - 10" (PA10S)

SKU: 22766

MEINL Cymbals Pure Alloy Splash - 10" (PA10S)

SKU: 22766
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MEINL Cymbals Pure Alloy Splash - 10" (PA10S)

Part of the Meinl cymbal tour. Displayed in multiple shops over a year and now we have for sale. Stick marks and fingerprints typical of in store use

Fast response with a crisp attack and bright tonality. Great for accents or counter balancing big crashes. Effortless touch and clean sound. This is MEINL Pure Alloy. A timeless voice formed with fully lathed surfaces allows them to be expressive in virtually any style. Their refined nature has two sides: polished definition met by a velvety wash that encompasses a full tonal spectrum. Shimmering, smooth sounds bounce right along with your stick to create a reactive touch that extends through all dynamic levels. These cymbals cut with agility. Blanketing their superb stick definition is a sustain that plays out with just the right amount of strength and balanced wash.

•Diameter: 10"
•Series: Pure Alloy
•Type: Splash
•Styles: Rock/Pop/Fusion/R&B/Reggae/Studio
•Timbre: Mid-Bright
•Character: Shimmering Clarity
•Pitch: High-Mid
•Volume: Medium to Low
•Sustain: Medium
•Weight: Medium
•Shaping: Computerzied Hammering
•Finish: Traditional
•Material: Pure Alloy
•Lathe: Pinpoint
•Made in: Germany
•to clean: Meinl Cymbal Cleaner

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