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Earpeace Earplugs

  • $2299

High Fidelity Earplugs package in a pack of 3 plugs so when you loose one you still have a pair!

Designed to protect musicians and fans in Europe, EarPeace HD is our most versatile and robust universal fit earplugs. EarPeace HD features a reinforced pull tab, multiple filters (NRR 11/14) and improved sound clarity in loud environments where more protection is required.

EarPeace HD comes with three high fidelity earplugs, two sets of attenuation filters and a premium anodized aluminum case.

EarPeace HD comes with two sets of filters:

  • Skin tone filters are Medium Protection and lower the sound pressure by -11dB (30% more than original EarPeace).
  • Red filters are High Protection and lower the sound pressure by -14dB (130% more than the original EarPeace).

Remember that every 3dB increase is a doubling of sound pressure. The way that 'volume' increases is not linear. Even small increases are very tough on the delicate parts of your inner ear that pick up high frequencies and enable you to have a rich sound experience. A -3dB reduction may not feel like a big difference but it halves the amount of time you can safely listen to that level of sound. 

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