Cymbolt Slip On Cymbal Mount -NEW

SKU: 21732

Cymbolt Slip On Cymbal Mount -NEW

SKU: 21732

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Highly recommended for the gigging drummer! If you have seen the new ZIldjian stacks they include a product designed and built by this same company.

The FLAGSHIP of the CYMBOLT™ line providing the perfect "Slip-on" solution for those want the convenience of quick and easy Load-in / Load-out, and who have no need to stack or lock their cymbals in place. Get more sustain and tone from your cymbals while protecting the mounting hole from key-holes and spider cracks. The new Low Profile Cymbolt LP fits easily into any manufacturers cymbal carrying case.

The revolutionary new CYMBOLT™ is a true game changer, a completely new approach to using your cymbals that will enhance your ability to be more creative as an artist.

Key Features of CYMBOLT™:

  • Easier & Faster load-in/load-out
  • Simplified use of "Stacking" & "FX" setups
  • Protection for your cymbals
  • Better tone and longer sustain

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