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Buddy Rich Autographed News Paper Clipping
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Buddy Rich Autographed News Paper Clipping Buddy Rich Autographed News Paper Clipping

Buddy Rich Autographed News Paper Clipping

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Framed newspaper ad for The Buddy Rich Big Band performing in the Nations Capital in the early 70's.

Good condition acid free framing. Signature is clear.

From the owner:

While I don’t recall the exact year, I believe I was 12 or 13 (so 1970 or 1971) when Buddy Rich came to Ottawa and performed at the National Arts Centre. My dad new the promoter (Motion Productions and I think his last name was Levine) and got us tickets.  A couple of days before the show, my dad surprised me by saying that he had arranged for us to go backstage to meet Buddy so I cut the Ottawa Citizen newspaper ads for the show so that I could get his autograph.
I’ll never forget the show. Buddy was on fire and I had never seen anything like it other than on TV. Mid-way through the show, you could see the sweat pouring off of him and he announced an intermission. At that point, my dad said time to go backstage.
We went backstage and Mr. Levine took us to a change room. We could hear Buddy yelling loudly from a distance as we approached, as he seemed to be really upset with his valet. (He had a personal assistant but I seem to recall the term valet used at that time).
Mr Levine knocked on the door and Buddy answered in his underwear and wearing a turtleneck. I was introduced and asked him to sign the newspaper ads, which he did.

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