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Tama Star Maple Exotic Kit-New!
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Tama Star Maple Exotic Kit-New! Tama Star Maple Exotic Kit-New! Tama Star Maple Exotic Kit-New! Tama Star Maple Exotic Kit-New! Tama Star Maple Exotic Kit-New! Tama Star Maple Exotic Kit-New!

Tama Star Maple Exotic Kit-New!

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Some of the finest drums made today come from Tama's Japanese facility. Beautiful maple shells with reinforcing rings. Generally these drums are special order and take 6 months for delivery.


STAR is the new flagship line for TAMA drums. It takes the knowledge and research we cultivated for the Starclassic series to the next level, by reexamining every detail to enhance shell resonance.
STAR Maple shell's "Solid Core Ply" is a totally new design for this series. This unique shell provides the warm, open tone of Maple, combined with the rich, hearty sound of a solid ply shell.

5mm, 5ply Maple 1 outer ply Sycamore for MGSM, or 1 additional outer ply Curly Maple for ROLC/RRCM) w/ 5mm Sound Focus Rings

Vibration produced by hitting a drum transfers to the shell through the contact point between the drumhead and the shell. Therefore, the shape of the bearing edges is one of the most important factors in a drum's sound.
STAR drums feature a bearing edge shape as shown in the diagram. Its peak is rounder than TAMA's traditional bearing edge. This rounded peak provides more contact between the drumhead and shell, allowing vibration to travel from the drumhead to the shell more efficiently. Also, the peak position of the edge is 3.5mm from the shell's outer surface, which further improves contact between the drumhead and drum.

Every piece of hardware that is attached to shells affects the resonance and sound of the drums. In developing the STAR drum line, every detail was carefully considered to maximize resonance and optimize sound.

The newly designed lugs for STAR drums have a luxurious, sophisticated look, as well as an extremely low mass bridge construction for minimum shell contact. The bass drum claw hooks follow the same principle by "floating" on the surface of the bass drum hoops. STAR drums also feature an imprinted badge and small wooden air hole grommet which further reduce the weight of materials on the shell and improve resonance and sound.


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