Buck Bohdran 18" with Bag and Tipper

SKU: 24930

Buck Bohdran 18" with Bag and Tipper

SKU: 24930

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Buck Bohdran 18" with Bag and Tipper

Excellent lightly used high quality Bohdran. Includeds padded bag and tipper.  

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Want to know more about hand drums before you go ahead and buy them for yourself? Here is more about hand drums.

How do they work?

A hand drum, much like any other drum and form of percussion, works by being hit. This could be with a percussion tool, such as a beater or a stick. But, with hand drums, it is much more simple; you only need your hand.

No matter the type or where they come from, every hand drum will have certain zones on it, which, when hit, will make a different sound to other parts of the drum. You often find that a lower pitch occurs in the centre of the drum and a higher pitch closer to the rim.

What are different types of hand drums?

As we have already mentioned, hand drums come in different types, shapes, and sizes, but here are three of the most common types of hand drums.

  • Frame drums- these are often the go-to for hand drums and come from all over the world. Because they are played in so many different places, they have a variety of looks and sounds and other names. However, the basic design is usually the same; you will have a single drumhead that is wide and comes with a wooden shell—making it easy to move around as you need to.
  • Djembe- coming from Africa, the Djembe drum has the same look as a goblet; however, it sounds so much better. It can make a variety of different sounds, including sharp, high slaps and a low bass sound. They can be made from wood or fibreglass. It really does depend on the style and finish you prefer.
  • Tabla- If you want a large hand drum, you will want to buy a Tabla. These are from India and features two essential parts, the Tabla and the Bayan. They are often made of wood and goatskin; however, this may vary depending on where you buy them from. You will also find a black patch on the skin, which makes the sound vary.

These are just some of the examples of hand drums that you can buy. You can also buy Doumbeks, Cajons and Bongos too. Giving you plenty of choices when it comes to playing the hand drum.

It can take time to master the art, but we can promise you that it is worth it. So, invest in a good quality hand drum and make sure that you can make the best sounding music possible. Here at Dave’s Drum Shop we carry a wide variety of hand drums for sale that allow you to choose the right one for you. With us it is always the best quality and a great sound, no matter what type of drum you decide to go for!

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