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Porter and Davies Gigster Throne Thumper System drum kit Porter and Davies Saddle
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Porter and Davies Gigster Throne Thumper System drum kit Porter and Davies Round Porter and Davies Gigster Throne Thumper System drum kit Porter and Davies Porter and Davies Gigster Throne Thumper System drum kit Porter and Davies Saddle

Porter and Davies Gigster Throne Thumper System

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We are happy to bring this much requested item to our store. Come on in and check it out you won't believe the feel!

The BC Gigster features the same astounding performance and build quality as our flagship BC2 and BC2rm, but with reduced features to help achieve a substantially lower retail price.

Available in both 115 volt (North America and Japan) and 240 volt models.

The Gigster is a silent bass drum monitoring system which allows you to feel, hear and experience your bass drum like you never felt or heard it before. It consists of the finest Tactile Generator available, built into our own Patented throne top, and uses bone conduction to deliver powerful, precise and nuanced reproduction without sound.

The Gigster is made from the same superior components as the BC2, and although it has slightly fewer features, it has identical power and performance, giving you great connectivity to your drum kit whilst playing and recording.

Although at Porter & Davies we designed the new Gigster with the working musician in mind making it lightweight and ultra-compact, it is also the weapon of choice for many top pros who enjoy its extreme portability.

It is literally designed as a ‘plug in and play’ and is astounding with both acoustic & electronic drums.
At Porter & Davies we have used our expertise to maintain product integrity without compromising on quality. Keen to bring a value product to the market at a smart price, we have simplified the packaging, stripped away the non essential features, and brought to the market the ultimate streamlined form of the BC2.

The BC Gigster is a two unit system:

  1. A choice of one of our three styles of fully Patented, custom designed and built throne tops containing a Tactile Transducer.
  2. The Gigster ‘Engine’ which contains all of the electronics: – Amp, preamp, inputs and outputs, protection circuitry, and volume and tone controls.
  • BC Gigster Engine Front TopThe BC Gigster is an amplified Tactile Generator Monitor System which transmits the full bass drum signal and sound (or any other drum) physically up through the drum stool. This signal is registered mainly through bone conduction (see the Theory page), and the result is far more sophisticated than a simple “thump”. All of the tone and intricacies of the bass drum sound and impact are felt and heard internally.
  • If a mixing desk is being used, you can feed in (via the line input rather than the direct mic input) other sounds such as toms, overhead mics (for a full kit “picture”), and bass guitar.
  • We use the highest quality and most efficient Tactile Transducers available, made just for us by top UK company Precision Devices.
  • The handmade throne tops are extremely comfortable, solid and elegantly constructed with the finest velvet in classic ‘British Racing Green’. Each of the three different designs is adorned with a silk ‘BC Gigster by Porter & Davies’ logo. They are designed to accommodate 7/8” diameter throne bases as used by Roc n Soc, DW, Gibraltar, Tama, Ludwig, Premier, Yamaha, Custom Percussion, and others.
  • For those who like to sit low, we also supply our very own extra-low throne base, and we can also add backrests and different mounting plates (pneumatic etc) at extra cost.
  • We have sourced the finest components which are then all assembled by hand.
  • There is zero compromise on build quality and workmanship.
  • Each and every unit is thoroughly tested by Tim Porter & Dil Davies themselves.
  • BC Gigster Engine Top AngleThe drummer has full control over power and intensity immediately to his/her side, and the system is 100% consistent, night after night, regardless of acoustics, room size, etc.
  • The BC Gigster, just like the BC2, offers unparalleled response speed (0% lag) and sensitivity, so will faithfully reproduce all of your playing dynamics: It will respond to long notes (beater off) as well as short notes (beater on), depending on drum dampening, tuning and playing style.
  • It will TRANSFORM your playing experience: The drummer and drum kit become ‘one’ – your groove will be stronger than ever.
  • The BC Gigster unit is even more compact than the already tiny BC2, but has the same efficient use of power: It needs under 150W to drive is as opposed to around 1200W required by a well known competitor.
  • Pros who swear by the BC2 are now also using the Gigster for international gigs, where the tiny and light (3.4kgs) Gigster Engine can tuck away inside a suitcase, and the throne top be carried as cabin luggage (or “cabbage” as we call it in my band…) in a snare case.
  • Here is the BIG advantage for fully amplified gigs where IEMs (In Ear Monitors) are NOT used: No bass drum(s) thumping through big monitor subs to pollute the stage sound.
  • The kit can be miked up more ambiently, and the sound engineer hasn’t got to roll all the heavy bottom off the other mics. The toms can now breathe properly and sound huge.
  • BC Gigster Engine RearIf you use IEMs, the Gigster completes the sonic experience by providing the physicality of the bottom end which otherwise cannot be replicated.
  • If you don’t use IEMs, never again will you struggle to feel and hear your bass drum or compromise your technique, sound and timing by hammering away fruitlessly.
  • The Gigster is simply UNBELIEVABLE with MIDI kits: Real power, real presence, and you’ll lose that disconnected feeling. The ENTIRE electronic kit feeds into the unit (if chosen to do so) and therefore you don’t just get the bass drum, but the entire kit. Even snare rolls are felt and heard.
  • Cheaper tour/stage spec: No subs required for the drummer.
  • Whereas most wedges don’t cut it for the bass drum, they are fine for bass guitar (and of course all the other instruments and voices). The bass guitar sound can now come through your monitor crystal clear without having to compete with the bass drum. Volume levels will drop without any power compromise.
  • Recording becomes a whole other experience. This is what top UK drummer Ash Soan has to say: “Up until now we only had our headphone mix and a click track to help us find the feel for the song we were recording, but with the Gigster you have its added sense and weight to help you get the pocket right”.

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